New cards added, stats updated!

With the upcoming update with a new card type that mixes two types of cards (Goblin Gang) I had to move a few things around. You will now see the stats of each character in the statistics table, instead of at the top (targets, speed, buffs, etc) -- Additionally there is now a "Projectile" row for troops that use ranged attacks that separates the character data with its projectile. This allows to show buffs like freeze / slow down directly on the projectile statistics. It is the projectile that is causing this buff and not the character itself, so it keeps things just slightly more logical.

All the new cards have been added along with the updated stats for the existing ones..

Oh and BTW, did you notice we added a Top 1000 players all time? This may not be 100% accurate, as it only takes into account the matches we were able to track, but it will be interesting to see players who stand out :)

Update: Fixed the issue with missing arena in deck builder, should be all good now!