Server issues resolved, now we can start fixing bugs...

When I started this site a few months ago, we had 200-ish concurrent users at any time. I did not expect the site to jump into the 10,000 concurrent users. Had to spin around and upgrade the database servers, put load balancing on our web servers and optimize a lot of things I did not originally anticipate. 

I'm happy to see so many people enjoying what I have created here, and I can't wait to make it better / more usable for everyone. Now that the backend stuff is stable, it's time to work on the bugs. If you are still unable to load your profile, please double check your player tag and ensure you have spelled it correctly. I have seen a lot of people supplying bad player tags.

Fixes that went on today:

  • Deck Builder
  • Top decks (all types)
  • Suggested Decks on each card page

Thank you for your patience!