This Giant Skeleton Balloon deck has grown in popularity since being used in King's Cup 2 by Lion. He won 70% of his mat [...]
3 months ago
Clone actually works??!! In this deck, yes! I recently brought pro players Ah Craaaap on to the channel to discuss this [...]
3 months ago
This is a trending siege deck including Hidden Tesla and Elixir Pump. This is an INCREDIBLY good tournament and challeng [...]
3 months ago
This is an updated version of Hog Cycle. In a way it's also a hybrid of the standard bait deck. Taking the two most powe [...]
3 months ago
The giant double prince deck provides a lot of offensive and counter attacking power. Start out the first two minutes of [...]
4 months ago
Before you read onward I would like to suggest that you wonderful readers out there check out the video linked to game-p [...]
4 months ago
This deck is defensively robust while still providing the user an aggressive cycle at a 3.1 cost. When playing this deck [...]
5 months ago
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