Amazing Giant Miner Control!
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Final Form is currently using this deck inside the top 30 in the world! This deck is incredibly powerful both defensively and offensively. You technically have two win conditions inside this deck however the giant will be your main one. You can synergies him with the miner in double elixir to help get extra tower damage. If your against decks like Pekka you need to apply opposite lane pressure as soon at the opponent plays her, this will force them to spend elixir defensively and then they won’t be able to support the Pekka. You have the minions and minion horde, you can play minions same lane to try and bait out their spell giving you an opening to play your minion horde. Lumber jack and electro dragon are great defensive units that’s both provide a good amount of counter push potential!

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Try to also counter push into a lumberjacks rage spell, especially during double elixir. As I mentioned above he is a solid defensive unit.


Miner can also be used defensively and if your lumberjack is out of cycle you might need to rely on this guy to help protect your tower. He’s also a good unit to use to take down ranges unit like princess, magic archer or dart goblin.

Electro Dragon

Electro dragon works so well against bridge spam and bait decks! It also makes a great support card and it’ll be your main counter to any lava hound decks. This card synergies very well with the gist because it can protect him from units like inferno dragon and it can also slow down heavy hitting units like Pekka or prince.

Strategie zum Spielbeginn

You can start out the match with miner in the safe spot or you can also play minions same lane to see if you can bait out a spell from your opponent. I recommend playing fairly passively I’m single elixir and working out what deck your opponent is playing, you can punish your opponent if they make a mistake.

Strategie zum Spielende

In double elixir you can start to build up those heavier pushes to try and overwhelm your opponent. Applying a lot of aggression against Pekka, golem or lava hound can make it difficult for your opponent to fully support their push. Check out the video to see how aggressive final form is when using this deck!

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