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Today we have Miku on the channel sharing this F2P deck that he’s used to reach 7800 trophies! This is a dual win condition deck with the royal hogs and the mortar. This allows you keep up the pressure throughout the match and also alter your play style depending on what deck your opponent is playing. One mistake I made with this deck is playing it way to aggressively, in single elixir you’ll should wait to see what the opponent is playing before going all out. Sometimes you can have a weird cycle with this deck so you might be forced to cycle your skeletons and snowball. Snowball will be important on defence because of it’s knock back effect, it works great against ram rider, balloon, musketeers and also air units like minions or bats.

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Musketeer will be your main air defence. You can support her with Valkyrie to keep her alive as long as possible. If she has enough health she has a good counter push potential either supporting the hogs or the mortar.

Royal Hogs

Hogs are one of your since conditions in this deck. If you know the opponent is low on elixir or a key counter is out of cycle then go ahead and pressure the opponent. If they cycle a witch behind their tower or play a heavy tank then pressure opposite lane with these guys. If they have fireball you might have to rely on Valkyrie to tank tower damage for the hogs. If the opponent has mega knight or Valkyrie you will have to split the royal hogs to increase their chance of getting a tower connection.


Mortar can be used either on defence or offence. In single elixir you will probably use this card more offensively and in double elixir you might rely on it more for defence, especially against beat down and bridge spam archetypes.

Strategie zum Spielbeginn

Mortar is a great opening play so if it’s in your starting hand go ahead and play it. Single elixir is a good time to see what counters your opponent is playing by using your win conditions without supporting them!

Strategie zum Spielende

In double elixir you can use the earthquake a lot more offensively like Miku does in the video. This will help you chip away at their towers while also cycling back to either the mortar or hogs. Check out the video to see Miku using this deck on top level ladder!

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