Hog Ice Wizard Cycle
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck is defensively robust while still providing the user an aggressive cycle at a 3.1 cost. When playing this deck you can defend using Tornado and Tombstone while mounting lethal counter attacks using Ice Wizard and Mega Minion combined with Hog Skeletons.

The Rocket can be used against elixir pumps, offensively provided an elixir lead or positive value opportunity, of defensively against big pushes coming your way.

Try to maximize damage during the first two minutes and defend/rocket cycle during double elixir time.

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Ice Wizard

Use Ice Wizard as a cheap but effective defensive option. Also combine him with Tornado to take out swarms of cards on your side of the arena.


Use Tornado to active King Tower or defend with Ice Wizard providing splash support.

Hog Rider

Use Hog Rider to chip your opponent's tower or combo with Ice Wiz/Mega Minion for strong counter attacks. Also use Hog Rider to apply pressure against opponent to stop them from supporting big pushes.


Use Rocket against opponent's pumps, towers (value trade), or on defense to stop a big single lane push. Also use rocket to cycle if your Hog cannot get through to the tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Try to maximize chip damage with Hog along with value rockets. Defend well and keep the pressure up.

Late Stage Gameplan

Focus on defense with Mega Minion and Ice Wizard in combination with Tombstone and Tornado. Cycle Rocket to finish off opponent's tower if necessary.

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