Mega - Miner - Prince Control!
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This deck is not necessarily an aggressive deck but rather a control or defensive one so do not rush the enemy. Instead let them make the first play, assess the situation at hand and then using your best discretion make the most appropriate play(s). After you have defended you will then have the option of counter pushing depending on the HP leftover of your defending units. If the Miner is in hand then you can use him as a pseudo tank and make a non-threatening push become something that can devastate a tower if left unchecked!

It must be noted that if you manage your elixir efficiently for the majority of the early game then later on it can become something of a bridge spam deck by using any combination of the Prince, Ewiz, Miner and Minions to have a quick and deadly push underway. During these quickly cycled pushes it can be a good opportunity to pump if your opponent is unable to deal with your advances without having to expend a large amount of elixir (due to either a bad rotation or their deck being a bad match up against your own)

When To Pump

When you are playing this deck you should not pump before figuring out your opponent's deck as you can be rushed with a 10 elixir push at the bridge and be unable to respond appropriately. Wait some time to see if the opponent will reveal their main win condition (if it's a Hog or Giant it will be played earlier on in the match but if it's a Golem then chances are it won't be played until late game) before pumping so that you have the "green lights" to pump. When pumping consider placing the pump in front of your king tower for your first deployment so that you can avoid taking any unnecessary damage from Rockets if you're paired with any spell bait decks or just an opponent with Rocket on the whole. Should your opponent carry lightning or fireball then always pump behind your crown towers that have more HP to constantly keep them from chipping away at any one tower with their spells if they decide to address the pump in this way. If your opponent's counter to the pump is Miner of their own however then do one of the following :

1) Place the pump in front of the king so that both towers can aid in defense against him (avoid using Minions to defend him since Miner decks typically pack Poison with them). If you can read the Miner's pathing and accurately predict his placement then use your Prince to block him from destroying your elixir investment

2) Place the pump in the corner of the arena behind one of your crown towers (with more HP) and then you can either stagger the Prince a small distance in advance if your opponent deploys a Miner so that he gets his charged attack going which will kill the Miner in 2 blows or you can deploy him on the top left/right corner of the Pump (if you pump in the left corner place the Prince on the top right corner of the pump and vice versa).

3) Use the Mega Knight or Electro Wizard to push/stun the miner to re-target from the the pump. Note : Countering with the Mega Knight isn't so viable due to his high cost so this won't always be an option and you may need to reserve him for defense against their support as well. Additionally if you counter with the Electro Wizard when they can afford to Poison then they will gain a sizable elixir lead over you as they will be able to Poison the pump, your tower and the Electro Wizard which would more than likely have the Electro Wizard dying in the process. Use your discretion when deciding if you can afford to counter the Miner with one of these ways


Your defense against enemy advances can vary depending on the situation but for the most part you will be relying on the Prince to take down the tanks while you use Minions/Ewiz to take out support for smaller pushes unless the support can be killed by using your spells. If the enemy has a more expensive and threatening push coming with support such as the Three Musketeers or maybe a combo of other support units like a Wizard/Witch and Musketeer then you will want to conserve your elixir to drop the Mega Knight down to make quick work of them.

When defending units such as Elite Barbs or the Hog Rider then you will want to drop the Mega Knight differently than you would with most pushes. Against Elite Barbs drop the Mega Knight just in front of where they are running to so that they are knocked back by his initial spawn/jump damage. If you were to deploy him on top of them then the Mega Knight will split the Barbs causing them to be on both his left and right side. Should this be the case then he will have to make an extra attack to kill the 2nd Barb who will be swinging at him the entire time resulting in the unnecessary loss of HP. When dealing with a hog rider and you can afford to use the Mega Knight (more viable in double elixir rather than single) you will want to deploy him as close as you can to the bridge (but not right at the river) where the Hog Rider will be coming down. If timed correctly his initial spawn damage should knock the hog rider far enough to keep him from advancing forward to the tower as the Mega Knight would have already delivered two more attacks while the hog rider is getting around him. The Hog would usually be killed in this situation provided that nothing else was distracting your crown tower.


Your main source of damage in most cases will come from the tactical usage of the Miner. If your opponent lacks cards such as an Elixir Collector or a Princess then you can send him in for chip damage periodically. Be mindful that if you place him carelessly before reading out your opponent’s deck that they can possibly pull him to the king tower if they have a Tornado in hand so always try to start off with the Miner in the “anti-tornado” positions. When deploying the Miner hover Zap/Arrows to see if they drop either Minions/Minion Horde/Skeleton Army/Goblin Gang. If you are playing against a spell bait deck which has the Goblin Barrel in it then you’ll want to hang onto the arrows otherwise you will more than likely be punished when it’s out of rotation and you’re low on elixir.

Aside from Miner chip damage your actual pushes may stem from successful defense. Depending on the amount of HP that your troops have left over you can consider mounting a counter push. Usually if the Miner is in hand it can be a good idea to counter push with troops that are low on HP so that they will then pressure the opponent into expending more elixir. If the counter push is successful and the left over troops you pushed with connected with the tower at any point in time then consider it a win as they would have served as a good line of defense that translated to offense.

Tips & Tricks!

When pushing with your Mega Knight and/or Prince try to send in the Miner to chip the tower if possible. If you know the enemy will drop glass cannons/support units such as a Musketeer/Wizard etc then average where they will be deployed (based off of previous placements) and standby to deploy your Miner on them as soon as they touch down and lock onto your tanks. This should (if executed and timed properly) neutralize your opponent’s possible counter-push so that you have an easier time defending the next time around. This may also be done in single elixir, however it isn’t always guaranteed that you will be making any big pushes at this time unless your opponent makes a move that calls for your Mega Knight to be played.

Vary the Miner positioning so that they are less likely to predict him and prevent him from locking onto the tower for some chip damage. This should only be done once you’ve confirmed that your opponent doesn’t have tornado in their deck or at least in hand.

When defending against enemy units with the Prince try to stagger him back enough so that he is able to get some momentum going and initiate his charged attack. Even if you’re fighting against a Pekka it will still be much more effective than simply dropping the Prince in range of the Pekka outright.

If you’re playing against spell bait or any deck which carries rocket always place the Elixir Collector in front of your king tower to force them to address the collector or risk you gaining an elixir advantage over them in the long run

Against any deck that packs a building such as Inferno Tower hover Minions at the river when your bigger tanks like the Prince and Mega Knight are crossing the bridge so that it intercepts the Inferno Tower’s scorching rays. If you feel your opponent is prepared for this then consider deploying the Miner just about where the Inferno Tower was planted to buy your other troops more time to start tearing it down.

If you’re going against a deck which carries the Princess consider staggering the Miner during some pushes in the middle of the arena where you suspect they would drop the Princess when she is in hand and would more than likely be deployed (especially if you’ve got Minions going with the push as she would counter them from her safe spot in the middle of the arena). If you do it in the right timing you may catch an unaware opponent with their pants down and they will end up dropping the Princess right around where you deployed the Miner.

Deck Stats
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Your win condition for the most part. Deploy him at opportune times for some easy chip damage.

Deploy him against enemy Princesses or Collectors to make some fair elixir trades.

Can be used as a pseudo tank for your units that are leftover from defense for a deadly surprise counter push!

Can be used for taking out troops and/or spawners (Goblin Hut, Furnace and Barb Hut) on the enemy side especially when something else is already tanking for it. Be sure the enemy troops are distracted before deploying.

Electro Wizard

One of your most flexible cards. Ewiz can be used to support your Mega Knight on offense after being used for successful defense your end to stress users who have an Inferno Tower/Dragon.

He can be used to make enemy troops change targets to something you would rather have taking damage (eg forcing a miner to switch targets from the tower/collector). Additionally he may be used to stall oncoming troops such as Elite Barbarians and Balloons etc.

He can be used in combos with other cards such as the Prince etc while on defense to stun the push at hand and save your troops some HP when fending off high damage dealing troops such as a Mini Pekka or even a full blown Pekka!

Mega Knight

Mega Knight will be your main defense against larger pushes.

Save him for defense and avoid going aggressive with him as he can really help make life that much easier when he's around.

Pairing with Minions, the Prince or even the Miner can be very devastating given the right circumstances!


Your "Go-To" defense card against a wide array of enemy troops. He can be used to clear Giants, Hogs and a number of other units that are approaching your tower when used correctly.


Minions are your second best air defense and one of your quicker cycle cards.

Use them strategically to annoy your opponent and make positive elixir trades when and where possible.

Can be used for a quick and punishing rush if an opponent over commits on a push or investment in a certain expensive card.

Early Stage Gameplan

Assess the situation and try to get a good grasp of what you’re up against and then form a game plan as the match goes on that helps you work around any possible weaknesses your deck may have or better cope with them while figuring out what tactics may cause trouble.

Defend efficiently with the various combinations of cards and sequences of card plays you believe to be best suited for the situations presented to you. Chip with the miner when you know you don’t need to reserve him for a collector or princess.

Pump when the time is right and try to keep an elixir advantage over your opponent.

Late Stage Gameplan

Begin to cash in on your elixir advantage and be more aggressive when counter pushing.

During the later phase of the game the bridge spam aspect of this deck may be a bit more obvious if you can find the right moments when to go in with a quick rush with Miner + Minions etc.

Try to combo your Mega Knight and Prince if you manage to get them down on your side while defending a big push so that you have a lethal counter push going. Pairing the Prince and/or Mega Knight with Minions and/or the Miner can be very pesky for your opponent if they lack appropriate counters.

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