Giant Double Prince Deck
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The giant double prince deck provides a lot of offensive and counter attacking power. Start out the first two minutes of the game by pumping up and gaining the elixir lead. If possible, save the giant for double elixir time and use all of the other troops and spells to defend. If you make any nice trades early on, you can create a counter push and use the giant. In double elixir, punish really hard with the giant double prince. You can also split lane push. Supporting the giant with the mega minion on one side and dropping off the double prince on the other is ideal. There are plenty of offensive combos which make this deck very deadly. There is more information on how to use these cards specifically down below and in the video.

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Dark Prince

The dark prince is really good at taking care of small units like goblins and skeletons. When charging, he can even take out a pack of barbarians. His shield makes him a great defensive unit, and if they don't have a tank or glass tank in hand, he can easily get to the tower. Pairing him with prince is deadly, and sending him in behind a giant is also really good


The prince is the hard hitting defensive card. Use the prince to take care of tanks such as the golem, mega knight and giant. Protect the prince with spells, and pair him with the dark prince for a deadly push. A prince behind a giant is hard to stop if they don't have squishy units like goblins or skeletons.


The main damage dealer in this deck. You want to try and save him for double elixir or when you have a huge elixir lead. Pairing the giant with any other card in this deck and having a spell in hand is a very solid push. If in big trouble, you can even use the giant to tank shots or use him to kite troops into the opposite lane.


The minions are very good because they have to be answered to. They do a lot of damage on defense and they are used to support offensive pushes. They also help against air troops and graveyard.

Elixir Collector

The elixir collector is awesome. Build up elixir and dominate in double elixir time. Protect the pump with dark prince or prince if they have miner. If they attack it with rocket, fireball or poison, keep playing it so they can not use spells to defend against your beatdown pushes.


The main damage dealing spell. The fireball is great at taking care of barbarians, three musketeers and all of the supporting cards in the game. If your opponents clump troops together, blast them away! You can also use it to counter elixir collectors. Hitting a tower and collector is nice, but clipping a troop as well is even better.


The arrows are very good. This deck has no log or zap because the dark prince does well against those troops. If you really need to, you can arrow goblins and skeletons away. They really shine when you play against minion horde, or if they clump together squishy units. Arrows can take out the princess as well as do some tower damage.

Mega Minion

The mega minion actually does a lot of damage. Use the mega minion defensively and deal significant damage. Supporting the giant with the mega minion is hard to stop as well. The mega minion shines against most air units and must be responded to. It doesn't die to fireball, so even if it has 1 hp, they still have to respond.

Early Stage Gameplan

Save up elixir and pump up as much as possible. Defend against enemy pushes with the princes, minions and spells. Only use giant if you made an amazing trade.

Late Stage Gameplan

Beatdown mode. Go in hard with a giant push, and try and split lane push as well. Combine the giant with any support card and rush the other lane with one of the princes and another support card.

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