Golem Clone Lumberjack :: A New Era of Beatdown!
clash with ash posted 4 years ago

Clone actually works??!! In this deck, yes! I recently brought pro players Ah Craaaap on to the channel to discuss this deck that he recently won with in CCGS! It uses the elixir pump to build up a great elixir advantage and cashes in with amazing three crown potential from monster pushes aided by Rage from Lumberjack and Clone for double death damage (Golem)!

This is a very fun deck to play but be sure to read the single elixir / double elixir strategy advice before playing as this deck should be played using a specific tactic in both stages.

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Lumberjack is a great support card and should be placed 1st for 2nd behind your Golem (after the Night Witch). He can also be used defensively against Hogs or tanks.

Night Witch

Night Witch is your first support card behind the Golem. She will benefit from Clone by adding double the bats to the fight, even after she dies!


Golem will be your main tank. You should probably only be using him during late stages (double elixir time). Use Clone on him BEFORE he dies so you can get double death damage.


Clone should always be used on Golem before he dies when he's at the tower of your opponent. Clone should rarely be used on units when the Golem is not in radius.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early stages you'll want to pump up, defend, and protect! Don't be afraid to take some tower damage or even lose a tower. Over defend pump but not towers. Get ready to cash in in double elixir time!

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you'll try to set up your monster push! Cash in on any elixir advantage you may have and even tower trade / ignore tower if necessary. Your ideal push will be Golem, Night Witch, Lumberjack, Poison (if needed) + Clone before Golem dies. Add Fire Spirit or Mega Minion if needed.

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