Giant Skeleton Meta Counter (69% Win-Rate)
clash with ash posted 3 years ago

This Giant Skeleton Balloon deck has grown in popularity since being used in King's Cup 2 by Lion. He won 70% of his matches played with the deck because of it's offensive power mixed with defensive control. This deck can counter all the popular meta decks, from bait to beatdown.

You'll want to play this deck reactively (like control), especially in the early game. As the game progresses you can be a bit more risky. Don't be the offensive aggressor unless your opponent starts with a pump.

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Miner should mainly be used to attack pump. He can also be used in combination with a Balloon, forcing your opponent to react or lose a tower. When playing against bait Miner should always be saved for Princess.

Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton can be a very versatile card. He can be played with the Balloon to make a massive push with two death bombs, stopping any resulting counter push. He can also be used defensively against big pushes or three musketeers on the two-musketeer side.


Use Tornado to active king tower against Hog, Goblin Barrel, Knight, or Miner. Against beatdown (Lava Hound & Golem) use the Tornado/Tombstone combination to switch lanes if necessary. Offensively use Tornado paired with Giant Skeleton bomb damage or Baby Dragon for great results.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early stages concentrate on countering your opponent while you identify what type of deck they have. Make positive elixir trades and set up a big push or take advantage of your opponent's mistake and punish. You can play balloon by itself or with bats, it doesn't always have to be combined with Miner or Giant Skeleton in single elixir time.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late stages you can start to be more aggressive with balloon. Push with Miner Balloon or Giant Skeleton Balloon. Don't be afraid to multi lane push if you opponent commits too hard to one defensive position.

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