#1 Global Deck Last Season (Som3)
clash with ash posted 4 years ago

This X-Bow deck just finished number one in the world! The magic of Ice Wizard, Mega Minion, and both cycle cards make this deck super robust defensively along with extreme speed on offense. This will allow you to get to your win condition, X-bow, out on the arena as often as possible!

The defensive basics are obvious. Punish pumps with rocket. Use Tornado to activate King Tower and in combination with Ice Wizard to stop incoming pushes. Kite with Ice Spirit and Skeleton.

On offense....dominate with X-bow and support with Mega Minion, Log, and Ice Wizard!

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The Log

Log should be used against Princess in Log Bait. Rely on Tornado to deal with Goblin Barrel (active King Tower). Log should also be used to support Xbow but not as a predictive play. Value your Logs!

Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard should be used as a strong defensive option. He's a very strong card for only 3 elixir. You can also use surviving Ice Wizards on a counter-push behind an X-bow.


X-bow is your win condition. Use it early and often in this fast cycle deck. If your opponent uses Rocket you can use the Xbow defensively and rocket cycle your opponent's tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can afford to be aggressive with an xbow to see what your opponent has as a counter. Once you identify what deck your opponent is playing you can play more tactfully, cycling Xbow when your opponent has tank out of cycle. Don't rocket cycle during single elixir time unless you can get value.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late stages, if your opponent has Rocket go ahead and cycle Xbow. Otherwise aggressively cycle your xbow and support it. Even if you're not in the tower damage lead your opponent will have a tough time focusing on his/her game and be forced to defend xbow frequently. Be relentless!

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