Undefeated- SirTag 3M Kings Cup Deck!!
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The deck functions as a 3 musketeer spell bait deck. The 3 muskets, goblin gang, minion horde, and elixir collector are the main culprits for spell bait. When you bait out your opponents' finite amount of spells, your proceeding cards will become difficult for them to deal with efficiently. Once you gain an elixir advantage on offense, the snowball effect occurs, and your opponent will not be able to keep up with your aggression. It is imperative to keep track of your opponents cycle, so you can successfully punish and take towers, without any unnecessary risks. After using a card, your opponent will have to cycle 4 other cards to get the card back into their hand. For example, if your opponent uses poison on your pump and then decides to cycle electrowizard in the back, they would have to cycle 4 cards to get the electrowizard and 3 cards to get back to poison. Consequently, it would be a good idea to punish with battle ram & minion horde at the bridge to apply pressure. This deck punishes exceptionally well, and it thrives when applying calculated aggression.

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Miner is your primary way of punishing pumps. Always hover zap over your miner, as it approaches the pump, so you can quickly zap skeletons, goblins, or goblin gang. If your opponent has a bowler or executioner, it is advised to utilize the miner as a tank, so the glass cannon muskets are not targeted. Consequently, it will allow the muskets dps down the bowler or executioner without issues. Miner is also key vs log bait. If your opponent has princess, you need to eliminate it, as your top priority, with the miner. If you use goblin gang or minion horde on defense, convert defense into offense by dropping a miner on the tower to take for the "squishy units", creating a menacing counter-push.

Three Musketeers

It is recommended that you start dropping three muskets after your opponent deploys their heavy elixir spell (fireball, poison, lightning rocket). After splitting the muskets, the most common and effective push is supporting the one musket with a battleram ( + icegolem if necessary). Muskets can also be deployed on defense if you are going to be eliminating 5 or more elixir from your opponent, or they can be passively cycled in the back, in single elixir, if you have 2 or more pumps down ( an absurd elixir advantage). It is advised to split your muskets more constantly in double elixir, regardless of how many pumps you have down, to ensure that your opponent will not be able to take back any momentum or be aggressive.

Elixir Collector

The elixir collector allows this deck 3 musket deck to properly function. You aim to pump up in single elixir, which will fuel the aggression later in the game, when card order and the opponent's deck is more known. If your opponent has miner, make sure to have either goblin gang, miner, or icegolem to defend the pumps. Otherwise, if they have miner in cycle, there is no point in dropping a pump and netting a -3 elixir trade.

Early Stage Gameplan

At first, it is only safe to cycle pump in the middle, goblin gang at the bridge, or ice golem in the back. Anything else is too great of an elixir commitment, and is not justifiable to commit early game. If those cards are not in your opening hand, wait for your opponent to drop a card or for 2x elixir to occur.

In single elixir, your main goal is to safely pump up and identify your opponents card cycle and deck. When elixir pumping up, save goblin gang to defend the pumps from miners, if your opponent has miner as a win condition.

It is important to not get overzealous and too aggressive in single elixir; if you are not aware of what cards your opponent may have, an overcommit could cost the game. The goal of single elixir with this deck is to play more passively, identify what the opponent is running, and to head into 2x elixir with an elixir advantage from pumping up.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir, you should have full knowledge of your opponent's card cycle and deck. There is also less time on the clock, so if you take damage by pumping up, there will not be time for you to formulate a successful counter aggression. Consequently, you are to play more aggressive and stop pumping up in the majority of circumstances. In single elixir you were to focus on gaining an elixir advantage, so you are fueled to put the elixir to use now in double elixir. Start off formulating your push by splitting 3m, in the back away from your pumps. Use battleram with the one musket, put an icegolem in-front, and utilize the miner to snipe princesses/ glass cannon ranged troops. After the opponent utilizes their counters for minion horde or goblin gang, you can drop them to support the push, However, it is important to stagger spell-susceptible units. It is preferred to utilize the battle ram before pairing either of those cards with the muskets. In double elixir, you should be able to overwhelm your opponent, if you gained an elixir advantage from single elixir, and stagger your units properly on offense.

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