Graveyard Cycle Deck
NigerianYouTube posted 4 years ago

The graveyard is a very powerful win condition in Clash Royale. The key to using graveyard is countering with minimal elixir and punishing hard with the graveyard. In this cycle deck, you can get back to the graveyard over and over and get a lot of good damage. This deck has plenty of defensive options with the ice wizard and tornado combo, as well as the mega minion which deals out a lot of damage. The ice golem is used to tank for the graveyard, and the graveyard poison combo is great because you know where they are going to play their troops to defend the skeletons. Overall this is a very solid deck that continues to pressure your opponent throughout the entire game.

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Ice Wizard

The ice wizard has an amazing slowing ability. He slows down pushes and gives the crown tower plenty of time to shoot down your opponent's pushes. Pairing the ice wizard with the tornado allows you to hit all of their supporting troops as well. Don't force an offensive ice wizard, but having him on a counter attack is good because he can slow down the crown tower and allow even more skeletons to stack up and deal immense damage.

The Log

Log is good to have in the current meta due to the high usage rate of log bait decks. Use this card to clean up all of the squishy troops and push bigger troops back on defense. Playing a log on offense can sometimes clip goblins or skeletons that are defending your graveyard.


The main damage dealer in the deck. Play the graveyard when you have an ice golem in front. Counter attacking is this decks speciality. Pushing your opponent with graveyard and combo this with a poison in order to take out their defensive cards.


The tornado is a very good defensive card. You can tornado a big push together and give your ice wizard, tower and mega minion enough time to stop pushes. The ice wizards splash and the tornados damage can clean up squishy support troops. You can also use the tornado to activate the king tower by pulling in hogs, giants, goblin barrels, golems or any other troops. Tornado can even be used on offense to bring all three musketeers together or to drag troops away and into the opposite lane.

Mega Minion

The mega minion does a lot of damage. Using the mega minion can help you stop many pushes. Most of the time, a mega minion and an ice wizard can shut down an entire push. Mega minion also has a decent amount of hp, so he can be used to tank for the graveyard.

Ice Golem

The ice golem is a distraction card and a tank in this deck. It can be used on defense to kite certain troops and allow you more time to take care of them. It should also be used to tank for the graveyard, since it takes the crown tower a long time to take it down. Throwing an ice golem into a defensive tornado can also help you take out squishy troops.


The tombstone is good because the skeletons can help you on defense. It can easily stop single targeting troops, or even slow a princess down. Tombstone is also a good distraction for building targeting troops, and even if they destroy it, the skeletons rush out to help you defend.


The best way to use poison in this deck is to pair it with the graveyard offensively. You know that they must play troops near the tower, so wait until they do to drop the poison. If you know their only counter is a melee troop, you can drop the poison immediately. It can also be used to attack collectors or to take out minions.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early game, you want to set up tombstones on the same side as your opponent's pushes. Then you want to try and defend without using too much elixir. If you make a really good trade you can go for a graveyard. If they play an elixir collector in the back, you can push really hard with ice golem, graveyard, and ready up a poison for amazing value.

Late Stage Gameplan

In the late game, you can cycle back to graveyards really quickly. Playing these graveyards forces your opponents to play a lot of defense, and this doesn't allow them to focus on offense. You can easily continue to get off graveyards and poisons, doing tons of damage and taking them out.

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