Log Bait 3.0
NigerianYouTube posted 4 years ago

Log bait is now even stronger! This is the third version of the deck which has spear goblins instead of the ice spirit! This adds to the baity aspect and can easily give you more damage on offense and on defense. The goal of this deck is to bait out your opponents spells so that your goblin barrel is free to do damage to their towers. If they log anything but the barrel, you are almost always guaranteed damage. Even if they log the barrel, pushing really hard with knight and goblin gang or spear goblins forces them to respond. The princess is really good because she can cover your entire side of the arena and be very hard for an opponent to deal with. Once the tower is low enough, play defense and rocket cycle for the victory!

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The princess is a very good field control card. She has unbelievable range and can cover you entire half of the arena. Using tornado and princess can help you target multiple troops and deal lots of damage to supporting cards. Dropping off a princess at the bridge is a great way to get cheap chip shots off as well. She is the victim of spells, so having her on the map is annoying and will usually lead to your opponents spelling her down, therefore giving you the opportunity to punish with the goblin barrel or knight and goblin gang.

The Log

The log is great because of small squishy troops in other log bait decks, as well as other decks in general. Use the log to protect your troops or to help out on offense. If you know your opponent has squishy troops like goblins or skeletons to defend your barrel, play the barrel short and throw down the log after. This will lead their troops to get destroyed by the log.

Goblin Barrel

The goblin barrel is the card that deals a lot of damage. Use your other baity cards to force out spells and deal lots of damage with the goblin barrel.


The tornado is great at bringing troops together for your princess to snipe down. The tornado can also be used to activate the king tower when playing against tanky troops, or even other goblin barrels. You can also bring three musketeers all into the same lane or pull troops away from your offensive push!


The rocket is the finishing blow. After you have chipped their tower into rocket range, play solid defense and easily win! Use rocket to attack elixir collectors. The rocket should also be used to gain amazing value by targeting troops that are near enemy towers.

Goblin Gang

The goblin gang is another one of your bait cards. They will usually be targeted by a spell, but if not, they deal a lot of damage and can single handedly stop many troops in the game. They are also very good at surrounding troops or distracting them for a long time

Spear Goblins

The spear goblins add an even more baity aspect to this deck. They also help out on offense and defense because of their fast attacking abilities. They also target air, which can help out against air troops. You can drop them off at the bridge for some easy damage.


The knight is the core of the deck. He is very good on offense and defense. Play him behind big pushes to shut down supporting cards. He is also very tanky, which is good for supporting the goblin barrel. If the barrel has already been spelled down, a knight push with spear goblins or goblin gang is very good as well.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early game, make sure you do not over extend on pushes. Just throw out goblin barrels solo and try and gain chip damage, as well as play the princess in the back and defend. If your opponent over commits on spells, its okay to counter hard. Shut down collectors and use rocket if they give you value.

Late Stage Gameplan

You will have so much elixir and will be able to apply constant offensive and defensive pressure. Keep on defending with knight and going on offense with the barrel. If they ever misuse the spell, dive all in with a deep barrel, knight, and goblin gang push.

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