Graveyard Hut
VULKan posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This graveyard deck not only earned me (VULKan) a perfect 20 win run in the Crown Championship Finals Challenge, but it also has allowed me to push high in the top 200.


The game plan of this deck is to bait out a poison with the spear goblin hut and then you can punish with graveyard because they don’t have defensive poison. Versus most deck you want to play it slow and don’t ever graveyard until you know their deck or if they pump up and you have ice golem, graveyard, and poison in hand. Most games I try to stack up spear goblin huts and poison, log cycle until double elixir because if you play graveyard early, your opponent can easily punish you. Even if they play their poison, I would only graveyard in single elixir if my opponent overcommits or on a counter push if I also have a healthy spear goblin hut and ten elixir. Once double elixir hits, go ham with graveyard poison.

Vs Log Bait:

Don’t graveyard until double elixir unless your opponent over commits. In single elixir play reactively and try to poison cycle and set up spear goblin huts. Try to activate the king tower with tornado but be careful your opponent doesn’t throw an anti-tornado barrel. Tornado goblin barrels if nothing is tanking for it and log it if there is a tank. You don’t have to always save log for barrel, but be very careful. Poison princess or tank her with an ice golem and kill her with another troop. As soon as they start rocket cycling go in with graveyard ice golem mega minion or ice wizard graveyard mega minion. Or play graveyard if they are down on elixir and play their goblin gang. Or if they don’t have knight in cycle, play a graveyard poison.

Vs 3 Muskateers:

If they pump and you have ice golem, graveyard, and poison in hand, then graveyard the side they tilt their pump towards and poison if they give you value. If you don’t have this hand then try to stack a lot of units in one lane and, if they play 3 muskateers, tornado them to the opposite lane continue your push and maybe play a log to finish them off. I they have an elixir advantage then tornado 3 muskateers to one lane and poison them. If they over commit or have a bad hand, play graveyard.

Vs Golem:

Try to stack up troops in one lane. You can play the same lane as the golem. Only poison when you get value. Don’t poison a lone pump unless you have a bad hand. Be weary of playing graveyard in opposite lane of the golem. I prefer to defend and then counter push because if they defend a graveyard push with something cheap then you will lose. As soon as you stack a lot of units, play graveyard poison. Also, try to activate the king tower early for easy defense in late game.

Vs Hog Cycle:

It’s an easy matchup unless they rocket cycle you and you can’t punish well. Don’t play graveyard until they have a bad hand or double elixir. Also, be careful how quickly hog decks can cycle to counters. Play the hut three tiles above the king tower or hold it until they play hog and use it like a cannon.

Vs Graveyard:

Play the spear goblin hut to bait out their poison or try to out cycle it. On defense, either poison the graveyard, or tornado their tanks back across the bridge when they play graveyard and defend the graveyard with an ice wizard or mega minion. You can also block troops at the bridge with ice golem and kill them with mega minion.

Vs Hog Mega Knight:

Don’t ever graveyard until double elixir. Simply stack huts in single elixir and cycle ice golem and mega minion as much as possible. If you play ice golem graveyard then you will have nothing to defend a mega knight and you will get destroyed on a counter push. In double elixir bait out their poison with spear goblin hut and then play grave yard poison. Be care not to waste poison if they defend the graveyard with a mega knight and kill your support troops with support troops. Also, it is important to play the goblin hut 3 tiles from the king tower because their hog will out cycle your tornado. My video shows how to beat it against even the best players.

Vs Giant Miner:

Activate the king tower and you will win. But don’t activate it if you must from sacrifice tower damage from support troops. Don’t graveyard until you have a counter push or a spear goblin hut already set up. Try to use tornado vs to pull the giant away from your hut so that you can stack huts. All you need if for them to waste poison once and graveyard poison will frequently take the tower if you have an elixir advantage from defending.

Vs Miner:

This is the only matchup that I recommend playing graveyard poison a lot. You must out chip the miner, so cycle graveyard poison. The hut baits out poison as usual.

Vs Xbow or Mortar:

Poison log the xbow or mortar and tank with whatever is in hand. When they overcommit, go all out with graveyard.

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Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard: Defensive card that is can also be used as a mini tank for the graveyard. It has great synergy with tornado.


Graveyard: Combo it with a tank and poison. Frequently you shouldn’t play it until double elixir It is the win condition.

The Log

Log: You all know how to use it. Don’t be afraid to cycle it in order to cycle to counters more quickly.


Tornado: My favorite card because it has so many uses. Try to activate the king tower early. It can be used to pull 3 musketeers to the same lane so that you can poison or log them. It can defend all tanks, and if you combo it with ice golem or ice wizard, it can even defend swarm units.


Poison: In single elixir it’s a poison chip cycle deck unless they have pump. If they have pump, then only poison for value if they have multiple troops clumped. In double elixir, combo it with graveyard.

Ice Golem

Ice golem: Used to tank for spear goblins, graveyard, and mega minion. It is also great for distracting heavy hitters such as xbow, mortar, and mega knight. You can also use it to pull troops to the opposite lane and then finish them off with a mega minion.

Mega Minion

Mega minion: Heavy hitter that combos well with the ice golem. Use it to snipe support troops behind tanks.

Goblin Hut

Spear goblin hut: Useful to pull tanks, pressure, and bait out poison. Don’t be afraid to play it. It is the backbone of this deck. Don’t ever play it behind a crown tower vs rocket.

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