Deck Guide For Miner Ice Wizard Guards
DaRealLegend posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

In this guide we will discuss a Miner chip deck that has an average elixir cost of 3.0. What makes this deck unique is that it has many counters to popular meta decks like the mortar cycle deck, the golem beatdown, hog mega knight inferno. In addition to the counters, it also has many tanks that can be used to shield either the musketeer or ice wizard. Ideally, we have a cheap counter deck that can also provide great offense. The deck includes two legendaries which are the. Miner and the Ice Wizard and are paired with the Guards (recently buffed), goblin gang (recently nerved but still have incredible value), knight, zap, musketeer, and minions. Now let’s discuss what role each card serves and we will explain how to use this deck before double elixir time and after.

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Miner - As stated in the beginning of the article, the miner will be used to do chip damage against the tower or to defend against the princess (zap bait decks) or the elixir collectors (Golem Beatdown Or 3MM Decks)

Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard - What can the Ice Wizard not do? This legendary will be able to provide support to the knight or miner and quickly destroy skarmies, help with eliminating minion hordes or goblin gangs and slow down tanks like the Pekka, Golem, Royal Giants, Hog Riders and E- Barbs. The Ice wizard will also help slow down the crown damage against the miner/Knight


Guards - Also can tank the miner or knight as well the support cards. Mainly used in this deck to counter miners, hogs ,e-barbs, and tanks (recently buffed as well)


Knight - Tank for all the cards and counters the wizards (huge presence in many arenas before middle of legendary Arena), executioner, mega knight, Night Witch, E-barb, and can be used counter the mortar (placement is key) and destroy it. Recently nerfed but still the best cheap tank in the game due to its incredible offense and defense.


Musketeer - incredible support damage behind a tank. Very important In this deck to defend against air troops and strong tanks

Goblin Gang

Goblin Gang - counter for miners, hogs, e-barbs,mortars (if placed correctly) and tanks and provide chip damage behind a tank against minion, minion hordes, loon or lava hound (recently nerved but still provides incredible value especially for the spear goblins)


Minions - great counter for all ground troops, inferno dragons and a tank against inferno towers. With the recent nerf to all goblins, the minions could see an uptick in usage. Expect more arrows in the arenas so if the arrows are used against the goblin gang then use the minions immediately for an advantage


Zap - still a viable counter against gobs, and minions. Since a few tanks are being used in this deck, zap will be important to take out the skarmies in the event the ice wizard isn’t on the field or in your card cycle

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early minutes of the match, counter everything the opponent uses and simply chip away with the Miner. The first half of match the deck is a miner chip deck and after double elixir time it becomes a miner cycle deck.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once the 2x elixir kicks in, it’s time to have fun and quickly tank your cards and drop all the supports to overwhelm your opponent. At a 1.5 average elixir during this point of the match, you will be able to place every card in your rotation repeatedly. With all the counters, support and offense in this deck you will have an advantage.

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