GOISON - Giant Prince Poison Beatdown
NigerianYouTube posted 4 years ago

The giant poison beatdown meta is back! With the recent buff to the prince and the guards, this deck is very strong. This deck has many defensive options with the musketeer, guards, mega minion and prince. All of these cards are really good at cleaning up troops and creating a deadly counter attack with the giant. Defend wisely, build up a counter push, and poison down the opposing crown tower to gain maximum value!

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The prince is a high DPS troop, meaning that it can deal a lot of damage. He is very good at taking down tanks and glass cannons. He can also shred the back line and take out supporting cards before working on the tank. After he is done with defense, he will charge up and head to the opposite side of the field. Unless they have a skeleton army or goblin gang, he will be hard to stop. Even then, ready up your zap or poison to clear those troops.


The poison is essential in this deck. Once you create a counter push, poison down the tower and anything else that your opponent drops. This is hard to stop because you easily clear up squishy troops, and the prince and mega minion clear up the heavier ones. You should also use this to get great value out of elixir collectors, towers and nearby troops.


The guards are amazing on defense! They can not be killed by an spells, which allows them to effectively clean up tanks. They excel at taking out single targeting troops such as the pekka or musketeer, because it takes 6 shots to take them out. With the recent damage buff, this card is amazing!


The giant is the main win condition. Use the giant after successfully defending to counter attack. If needed, the giant can also be used to soak damage, tank, or even kite opposing troops. He is also really good at distracting siege cards.

Mega Minion

The mega minion is also a high DPS troop. This is also one of your air counters, successfully chopping down lava hounds, balloons, and minions. The mega minion can deal significant damage to troops, and is also deadly on offense when supported with the giant.


The zap is a great spell. It easily cleans up squishy units like skeletons and bats. When paired with poison, even minions disappear instantly. The zap can also be used to help you force troops to retarget and buy you more time to take them out.


The musketeer does a lot of damage and she is ranged. Use the musketeer to pick away at troops before sending in a giant counter push. She also targets the air, which is very helpful against flying troops. You can also play her in the center to pick away at troops across the river.

Ice Spirit

The ice spirit is mainly used to cycle. It is also very good at slowing down pushes and getting minions and goblins into zap range. It also resets infernos and sparky, which can help you out offensively or defensively.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early game, you just want to defend and let everything play out. If you make a ridiculous trade, you can counter push with your giant. For the most part, just defend with the supporting cards, which will force even more elixir out of your opponent. Guards, musketeer, mega minion and prince all need to be responded to.

Late Stage Gameplan

In the late game, continue defending. Once you defend, you will have enough elixir to counter with a giant and poison combo. With a prince or mega minion in support, it is very difficult to defend this push. Steam roll your way to victory!

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