A+ Miner Poison Deck
NigerianYouTube posted 4 years ago

Miner poison is amazing because you have direct access to your opponents towers. Playing a miner on the tower is amazing with poison because it forces the opponent to defend with troops, automatically giving you more poison value. Defend with all of your supporting cards and counter attack with the miner. In the early game, it may not be wise to over commit with both miner and poison. Slowly chip away with miner and only poison if there is good value. This cycle deck is so fast in double elixir time and is very hard to stop!

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The miner is the main damage dealer in this deck. Drop a miner onto the opponent's crown tower for guaranteed chip damage. You know that they will be forced to play troops near the miner, so be ready with the poison and zap. The miner should also be used to attack elixir collectors and deny elixir. In very bad situations, he can also be used on defense.

Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon is amazing at melting tanks and glass tanks. Figure out what kind of deck you are going up against and save the inferno dragon for their win condition if it is a heavy tank. If you are playing a cycle deck, a slow push with the inferno dragon is a decent play. Inferno dragon can also quickly lock on to siege buildings when they are played in an offensive position.


The prince is very strong right now. He does a lot of damage and is a huge threat on offense. In double elixir time, he becomes hard to stop when he is coming in for a counter attack. The poison clears out small, squishy troops and his charge can take out the glass tanks and support cards. Take down tanks rather quickly and turn it into a great counter push.


The guards are amazing because they don't die to any spell in the game except for poison. Even then, it takes poison a while to take it out. Since they can't be logged, zapped, arrowed or fireballed down, they can easily help take out pushes. They are amazing at defending against single targeting troops like the pekka. Surround supporting troops, such as the musketeer, to easily wipe her out. In the counter push, they deal lots of damage and must be responded to.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early game, send in miner and start chipping away. Hold on to the poison unless there is amazing value. This forces your opponent to defend and start a push, which allows you to easily distract and defend with guards, ice golem, bats, inferno dragon and the prince. After defending, send in another miner if you have the elixir for it. If not, let it play out and defend once more.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir, you know that they must play troops to stop the miner. Ready up the poison to deal lots of damage and get tons of value. Continue defending with your supporting cards and countering with a miner poison push. This is hard to deal with, and will lead you to a lot of 1-0 victories.

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