Golem Hunter Deck - New Meta Beatdown
clash with ash posted 4 years ago

This is an EPIC deck....literally - it's loaded with epic cards. It's also VERY effective and may be a glimpse at the future of the beatdown meta. This deck was recently used by Oktay to finish top 5 in a 10k tournament.

We only have one spell (Arrows), but what we lack in spell damage we make up in strong card synergy and sheer offensive firepower. Watch the supplemental video for real-time examples but often times this deck will start by using the Miner and evolve into a heavy Golem beatdown as the match progresses into double elixir time.

This deck is suited very well for the newest epic in the game, the Hunter! He shines behind a heavy beatdown tank such as Golem.

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Miner can be used to attack and punish pumps and Princesses. He can also be used in combination with surviving defensive troops such as Minions, Guards, or the Hunter.


Golem is your main tank in this deck. Golem should be mainly used in double elixir time.


Prince is a great card after his recent buff. His main role in this deck is behind a Golem or as a stealthy double lane push if your opponent over-commits on defense.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early stages you can use this very defensively and go on small counter attacks with the Miner. Try to identify your opponent's spells and tank counters early so you can deal with them late game.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late stages it's all about the monster push. Golem, Prince, Hunter - use Guards to block Inferno Towers. Combo other support cards as needed just be sure to leave a bit of elixir left for Arrows against swarm units (especially Minion Horde).

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