IT'S BACK - The Goison Deck Meta | Giant Poison Deck | Clash Royale
DaRealLegend posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Hey Folks ! If you haven't noticed yet, the Goison Deck Meta has returned to Clash Royale. This deck works as your traditional giant beatdown deck and pairs up with some of my favorite low cost support cards and the recently buffed & underrated Guards. In this guide we will explain how to use the deck to gain elixir advantages which will allow you to counter push and support your Giant Poison combo.

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Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard - What can the Ice Wizard not do? This legendary will be able to provide support to the knight or miner and quickly destroy skarmies, help with eliminating minion hordes or goblin gangs and slow down tanks like the Pekka, Golem, Royal Giants, Hog Riders and E- Barbs. The Ice wizard will also help slow down the crown damage against the miner/Knight


This versatile spell is the key X-factor in this deck. When timed & placed correctly, it can provide protect your Giant and provide additional damage to the tower that is being attacked in the push. The Poison can also be used defensively to counter attack a graveyard push in the event that you don't have another option. Ideally, the poison should be paired with the Giant.


With it's recent buff many players are finally realizing how amazing this card has always been. The guards are key in stopping hogs, breaking down tanks and can endure a zap and log and still have HP remaining. They can also "Guard" your push and be used a cheap tank for your ice wizard, & musketeer. When paired with the ice spirit they can easily shutdown elite barbs as well.


Musketeer - incredible support damage behind a tank. Very important in this deck to defend against air troops and strong tanks


Zap - still a viable counter against gobs, and minions. Since a giant is being used in this deck, zap will be important to take out the skarmies in the event the ice wizard isn’t on the field or in your card cycle

Early Stage Gameplan

With this deck having many counters, it is best to defend against the opponents push until they stop to replenish elixir. While defending, be mindful of not over extending and try to preserve elixir so you can prepare to push with your Giant. Once count is full drop the giant behind the king's tower and try to space out your musketeer or ice wizard. Give those two cards enough room to take advantage of their range and also reduce your chance of being rocketed, fireballed or hit with lightning. As soon as your Giant approaches the bridge drop the poison so that it's radius covers the tower and your giant/s walking path. Once the Giant starts to engage start dropping support at the bridge.

Late Stage Gameplan

For double elixir time, there will be opportunities to drop the giant twice since the deck's elixir count is so low. It's totally fine to drop another giant if your first giant has enough support and if you have the musketeer or ice wizard in the card cycle.

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