Updated Miner Poison ft. #1 Brazilian Player
clash with ash posted 4 years ago

This is a deck guide for updated Miner Poison Skeleton Barrel from Lucas Gamer, one of the best Brazilian players in the world. This is a fast and deadly deck you can use to absolutely overwhelm your opponent. Adding in the Skeleton Barrel after it's most recent buff really makes this deck extra strong.

Defensively you can rely on your Guards, Inferno Dragon, and Skeleton Barrel (yes, Skeleton Barrel!) to distract and kill incoming troops. On offense you can combo your Miner with your surviving defensive troops.

You can also push at the bridge in a "bridge spam" punishing tactic with these deck with Bandit solo or Ice Golem Skeleton Barrel combination.

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Miner should be used to attack pumps and also to combo with surviving defensive troops to attack your opponent on the counter push.


Bandit can be played at the Bridge to apply pressure to opponent. Bandit can also be used on defense and combo'd with Miner on counter push.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon can be cycled from behind King Tower or used on defense against tanks. He is your tank killer! Give him space to operate by using Ice Golem & Guards to protect him.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early stages you want to identify your opponents cards (counters and win condition) and prepare for late game. Attack pumps with Miner or try to land some early chip damage. Find out what you need to save your poison for (Horde/3M).

Late Stage Gameplan

Late stages, just like normal Miner Poison, you can get aggressive with Miner & Poison combination. You can also get aggressive with Skeleton Barrel, cycling it on offense and applying a lot of pressure to your opponent.

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