X-bow Ladder Deck
NigerianYouTube posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

The X-bow is a very strong win condition! Most of these cards are easy to level up, and having an under-leveled X-bow isn't too big of a deal! This deck has two buildings, which are great for distracting and destroying oncoming troops! This deck is amazing against other cycle decks, and once you take a tower, it is easy to sit back and defend for the rest of the game! Even against tanks, it can be good if you punish immediately when they play a tank or collector in the back. This deck is solid on defense, and with two buildings, it is nearly impossible to get through if you change from offense to defense due to playing a hard counter.

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The X-bow is the win condition. Be sure to play this at the right moment, which is usually after an amazing defense. This can also be when your opponent over commits or plays a lot of elixir at the very back. Be sure to defend the X-bow with archers, knight, cycle cards and spells!


The tesla is huge in this deck because its great at pulling, distracting and wrecking oncoming troops. It one shots minions, goblins and skeletons, and also deals a lot of damage to troops. In double elixir, an X-bow with a tesla and other troops is hard to stop without a rocket.


The knight is very good because he has a lot of hp and can be played to defend the x-bow while the x-bow helps to take out the troop. Ultimately he buys you enough time to decide what card you want to play next to take out their troops.


The archers are very good at targeting and picking off troops. They don't die to arrows, log or zap alone, so its good to use them to help out while the knight is taking.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early stages, play good defense with your cheap troops and cycle nicely. If a big investment is made, play your x-bow at the bridge and punish. In the early game, you don't want to play 10 elixir with x-bow and tesla right away. Just defend it with knight and cycle cards, even the archers if you have enough elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

In the late stage, cycle X-bows. If they bring in a big push, playing a defensive X-bow is a good idea. It will help you defend, and you will get back to another X-bow in time for an offensive push. With supporting and surviving defensive troops, this X-bow, a tesla, and the second X-bow on the field with be very hard to stop.

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