Prince Hog Counter Deck
NigerianYouTube posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck has amazing counter attacking abilities. Sit back and chip away at the opponent's towers with the goblin hut. This will force a response. The prince is great at dealing damage to tanks and supporting troops, and he has to be responded to on offense. Once they respond, the spear goblins will stack up and force out their spells. This will allow you to defend once more with minions or bats, and counter attack with a hog rider and potentially an ice golem. It can be very hard to stop, and the spells in this deck are amazing at supporting your counter pushes.

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The prince does a lot of damage. Use him defensively because he will become a dangerous counter attack. He can even be supported with an ice golem, which is very annoying for squishy, defensive troops.

Hog Rider

The hog is the main damage dealer in this deck. Once you have a goblin hut set up, slowly cycle other cards and wait until you have a good lead in elixir. This usually happens after a great defense. Sending him in with the ice golem is a good idea as well, as it tanks and does a little damage as well.

Goblin Hut

The goblin hut is what makes this deck annoying. Your opponent has to attack you when you make this investment. It is a great opening move. If they make the first move, play this down the same lane as them for chip defense. The spear goblins stack up, and they are forced to spell them down. Once they do, you have minions and bats to defend with, then counter with hog or prince.

Ice Golem

The ice golem is very important because it can kite and distract troops. It is amazing on offense because he can help you kill minions and goblins with a zap after he dies.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early game, play goblin huts and defend wisely with small elixir troops. Use the prince to defend heavier pushes, and support it with the ice golem for a great counter attack. After they defend again, shut them down with spear goblins and more cheap troops before going in with hog.

Late Stage Gameplan

This game plays the same in early and late stage. It just happens a lot faster, and you can use your poison more often to melt troops and get amazing value.

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