DaRealLegend posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Hey folks, check out the deck that i'm currently using in Arena 12. I decided recently to start pushing trophies and live streaming the matches. The deck has brought me from 3900 trophies to 4379. Every card in the deck counters a certain archetype and even does well against zap bait decks with inferno towers or mega knight hog decks with inferno dragon. Now let's discuss my newest, Clash Royale Pekka Control deck.

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Ice Wizard

Protect the PEKKA has been the task assigned to this legendary wizard ! Ice Wizard What can the Ice Wizard not do? This legendary will be able to provide support to the Pekka and quickly destroy skarmies, help with eliminating minion hordes or goblin gangs and slow down tanks like the Pekka, Golem, Royal Giants, Hog Riders and E- Barbs. The Ice wizard will also help slow down the crown damage against the Pekka

Electro Wizard

The 2nd half of the Splash Brothers, The E-Wiz primary role is to support the pekka from inferno towers, inferno dragons, Zappies, & Sparkys. The E-Wiz also pairs well with the musketeer, ice wizard and baby dragon to counter against many cards especially the flying machine, balloon, skeleton barrel and lavahound.


This samurai warriors is ready to tear down tanks, hogs, e-barbs, MEGA Knights and towers. The PEKKA can quickly interrupt an opponent's push but can also be easily lured away or countered by cheap cards like skeleton army, goblin gang and more expensive options like barbarians, or minion hordes. Knowing this allows you to always pair the pekka with a support card like the ice wizard, musketeer, or Electro Wizard and a zap spell on hand is always the best option to quickly eliminate skarmies or goblins or to stun troops or minions.


Excellent low cost shield for the Pekka against inferno towers, and inferno dragons. Mainly used in this deck to counter miners, hogs ,e-barbs, and tanks (recently buffed as well)


This Spell card is a must have in this META. Paired with the baby dragon you can pull an entire push in front of the opponent's tower in order to have the baby dragon to splash the troops and tower. Also helps defensively against the Highly popular Miner, goblin barrels and Hog.

Early Stage Gameplan

When using a PEKKA deck, the biggest concern is if the opponent has an inferno tower, or inferno dragon. The best way to utilize this deck and surprise the enemy is to play only the support cards ( Ice Wiz, Baby dragon, Musketeer or E-Wiz) or play defensively (Using guards against miners, hogs or e-barbs or giants or tornado against hogs, miners, minion hordes or goblin barrels). Play the PEKKA once you have a clearer idea of what deck the opponent is using or if you see a golem, mega knight or if you know you can support the PEKKA push with the E-wiz, zap or ice wizard.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir time, the support cards cycle very well allowing you to be able to stack behind the pekka and providing you many opportunities to counter. At this stage of the game, you should know if the opponent has a lightning, rocket or fireball. If they don't then you can definitely overwhelm with all your support cards behind the tanky pekka. Most of these troops also can survive a poison and if you are freeze, the cards cycle quick enough for you to support again.

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