Golem Flying Machine Night Deck
DaRealLegend posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Hey Folks ! This deck is a Golem Beatdown deck featuring the Night Witch And Flying Machine, Poison & Goblin Hut. This deck can counter both air and ground troops and provide enormous power with the Golem Night Witch Posion combo.

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Night Witch

The Night Witch is very dangerous behind the Golem. Effective against ground troops like hog and miner.


The strongest tank in Clash Royale. One strong push can win you the entire match. Be sure to not overextend when using the golem in this deck because there isn't an elixir collector to constantly pump elixir for your push. Push and defend for the best advantage.


The Golem Beatdown is already incredibly strong. Add the poison and you are able to destroy low hp troops and assist your support troops to deal even more damage.

Flying Machine

Similar to the musketeer, this card is able to provide air and ground support from a safe distance and is incredible in protecting your support units and Golem

Goblin Hut

With spear goblins constantly spawning, you create more opportunities for chip damage on towers and support against troops targeting your golem, night witch or flying machine

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early stages, you want to defend and save elixir. This is a golem beatdown deck with no elixir pump so maximizing your elixir and gaining advantages is very important. There are many support cards and using the goblin hut allows you to do chip damage against a tower. Once a golem push is timed appropriately, you can now push down the lane in which the spear goblin did chip damage to the tower.

Late Stage Gameplan

This is your opportunity to stack behind your Golem and use 1 or 2 cards for defense depending on the flow of the match. The push will normally be golem night witch with flying machine or a support card then use the poison when the push is across the bridge.

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