DaRealLegend posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

With the recent usage rate of the skeleton barrel, skarmy, guards and barbarians increasing, I decided to create this deck to counter those cards along with the META zap bait decks. Having the bowler and log allows you to be able to constantly counter those decks and also gives you an additional tank for your ice wizard and musketeer. The Bowler Is BACK !

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Ice Wizard

Yes I LOVE The ice wizard ! The ice wizard plays a huge role in this deck as it helps support the pekka, knight or bowler from minions, skarmies, goblin gangs and bats. Keeping your tank alive is very important in order to create more time for your musketeer to attack

The Log

The log provides you an additional option to attack whe . paired against a zap bait deck and it's knockback is very helpful against the prince, dark prince, archers, ebarbs, barbs, guards and hogs.


The PEKKA will be your primary heavy defense card for those golem beatdown, GOISON or Hog Mega Knight decks. Protecting the pekka is very important and this deck provides many support units.


The Bowler plays a huge role in this deck as it is a great tank during single elixir time for your splash cards and it also can protect the pekka from ground troops and also do damage against buildings. It is also incredible against many cards in the zap bait decks and it's pushback against mini pekka and knights is helpful in keeping space between your push.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the beginning, your tank will be the bowler, knight or baby dragon. Use either one to protect your musketeer. The musketeer will play a huge role offensively against towards and defensively against the air troops and tanks. Pair up the musketeer with the ice wizard and you can also protect your tank from it's counters as well.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir time, the Pekka will play an enormous role in destroying the enemies ground pushes and with all the support from the bowler, musketeer and baby dragon you can quickly stop a push and take a tower. If the opponent splits lanes, you can softly push with the knight and musketeer and defend with the pekka baby dragon and bowler on the other lane.

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