12 Win Zappies Deck (you read that right)
clash with ash posted 4 years ago

Hey guys! Today I'll be sharing a 12 win Zappies deck used by the great pro Loupanji! This deck is great for ladder and tournament level standard. Zappies are certainly an underwhelming card in the meta right now but I suspect they'll get a buff next balance update. Might as well practice what might be the best option for the new rare care now!

This deck operates in a defensive method early game. It's the ultimate counter push deck with Miner and Skeleton Barrel at your disposal. It's also a Zap bait deck, including Inferno Dragon and Bats to help bait out your opponent's Zap for you to punish with Skeleton Barrel. Read more and watch the video for further details!

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Mega Knight

Mega Knight is your "big body" in this deck. Use him as a response to your opponent when you can get good value. Don't drop him behind the King Tower until double elixir time. Use him when you can get value back. Not a bad option to punish after opponent drops Golem (opposite lane).

Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon is your tank killer and your zap bait. At only four elixir he's a very strong card and can even be cycled against a non-tank deck.


Miner is your number 1 option to punish pumps. He is also your greatest tool for counter pushes with Bats or Skeleton Barrel. If your opponent uses Princess never hesitate to snipe her with Miner as Princess can be really annoying to face with this deck!

Early Stage Gameplan

During early stages this is a largely reactive deck. Save your Mega Knight for value propositions. Identify your best counters for to your opponent's win condition and make sure they aren't able to bait it.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late stages you can get more aggressive with this deck. You can play Mega Knight more often and even consider split lane pushes with Miner/Bats or Miner/Skeleton Barrel combination. Miner combined with Poison can also be used more liberally in double elixir time.

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