Anti-Meta Miner Control!
Divesh98 posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

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Before you read onward I would like to suggest that you wonderful readers out there check out the video linked to game-play of the deck on my own YouTube Channel. Doing this should give you insight into how I would handle myself in battle and I would also explain my thought process so that you understand why make the decisions that I do. Aside from deck guides (both written and video format) I also upload some videos which are casual, contain funny moments/montages (at the end of some videos not all) and I also give my insight into the game with quick tips etc when I have the chance. If you all do enjoy the deck and have success with it and you're interested in what I do then make sure to visit my channel and consider subscribing for more Clash Royale content. I hope that you all enjoy the deck and guide and have a ton of success and fun while using it!

Cheers everyone! 🍻


This deck was made by myself to be a bit anti-meta (also due to a lack of other higher level viable card)s as many of the cards would counter those which are fairly popular such as the Prince who got some attention when the Goison meta came back after the Prince’s recent buff and to take care of most decks which would be packing the Royal Ghost by having cards such as the Guards and Valkyrie present to hard counter it among other things.

Tornado and Executioner can be used for a clean defense if you have a big push coming at you but always read the situation to know where and when it’s best to place an Executioner as your opponent could easily Rocket it down or have their ranged units etc attack it while he is defending. The main win conditions of your deck would include the Miner and Giant so this deck can be a bit flexible if need be. If you wish for the deck to seem like more of a control deck you can sub in the Poison spell in place of the Valkyrie so that you have more answers to your opponent’s Elixir Collector and other units/buildings. This would also give you an edge against any Graveyard user as well!

One last thing to note is that the video linked shows game play of the deck in 2v2 with another deck that paired up perfectly with it as they both complemented each other fairly well. Despite the game play not being 1v1 the gameplay overall should be decent enough for you to see for yourself how to go about using the deck (even in 2v2 of course). As an additional bonus, at the end of the video there is a battle between a friend of mine and the infamous Surgical Goblin so do look out for that in the video as well!


As mentioned previously this deck has the Giant and Miner as your win conditions. Generally you will want to reserve your Miner for any possible Princess and/or Elixir Collectors. If you run the version of this deck with poison then you can have some more options to consider when making your next play. If you realize your opponent doesn’t have a card which needs to be addressed by the Miner then you can always send him in to get some chip damage whenever you’re up on elixir and can afford to do so. Be mindful however that you should avoid placing the Miner anywhere that a Tornado spell can be used to pull him to activate the King Tower until you identify that your opponent doesn’t have this card or if it is out of rotation. Additionally be careful against skilled players who pack cards such as The Log, Fireball and/or the Bowler as these cards can (if used correctly) shove the Miner in the king’s direction. If you are not able to use a Miner and have a Giant in hand then it is usually advisable to slow roll one in the back of your King Tower when you’re at about ten elixir and then wait to see how your opponent responds/reacts. If they pressure the opposite late then be ready to counter it with your estimated 6 or 7 elixir (elixir was gained while they were thinking about how to react). When you have your Giant going onto the enemy side always hover you Minions if they’re in hand to see if you can predict their Inferno Tower/Dragon placements and protect your Giant from the scorching beams even if just for a few extra seconds. The best case scenario would be the Giant and Minions tearing up the Inferno Tower and then moving back on their way to the nearest crown tower. If the Minions were dropped too late but are closer to the Inferno Tower/Dragon then consider using a zap to remedy the problem if you can afford to do so. Every time you land a hit or two with your Giant and/or Miner consider it a win as you’re chipping down the towers ever so often while holding your own with some solid defense.


Like I said before this deck can be very robust in terms of defense to counter the meta since you pack cards such as the Guards, Valkyrie, Tornado and Executioner. If you take your time and make the right decisions these cards should allow you to lock down defense just about every time while making some positive elixir trades here and there. A good idea would be to avoid cycling the Executioner and/or Guards in the back unless you are absolutely sure they don’t need to be reserved for something specific or in the case of the Executioner, that they don’t have a Rocket/Lightning spell handy to get some easy chip damage. If you’re playing against a Hog deck, particularly a Hog cycle deck then you will want to make sure you activate that King Tower as soon as possible to have an easier time defending against it. Do remember that if they have something like an Ice Golem up front tanking for the Hog then your Tornado will not be able to pull the Hog to the King Tower unless it was placed poorly. In this case scenario then you will want to use your Valkyrie/Guards if you’re in single elixir to take care of the Hog or your Minions (if you can avoid having them locking onto the Ice Golem as they would then be zapped away when your opponent uses their Zap spell after the Ice Golem’s frost nova weakens the Minions). If you’re in double elixir however and you think it’s safe to use your Executioner then by all means start up the Giant push with him after a successful defense. Again I cannot stress how important it is to be aware of what cards your opponent runs in their deck as they can use them to potentially capitalize on any mistake that you make.

Tips & Tricks

  • When you’re playing against any Hog deck the sooner you can get the King Tower activated with the Tornado the easier it will be when you need to defend against it the next time.

  • When you aren’t sure what your opponent has to counter your Miner yet you should always start him off in the anti-tornado position so that he cannot be pulled to the King Tower by a well-placed Tornado/Fireball/The Log/Bowler.

  • If your opponent lacks any card that can pull/push him to the King Tower then vary the Miner positioning from time to time to avoid being countered.

  • Never cycle Guards or the Executioner in the back until you are sure of what cards your opponent has

  • Conserve your Zap spell to help your Giant pushes against Inferno Towers/Dragons or any other card that should be zapped away. Alternatively, you can use it in some situations to force enemy troops/buildings into targeting something you rather have taking their aggression.

  • Place your Executioner in front of whatever push is coming at you rather than at an angle to ensure that his throwing axe splashes as much units as possible, especially when you pull things back a bit with the Tornado.

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Your primary win condition for the most part.

He can be used to make a counter push and get some decent damage on towers or sponge some damage against units you can’t defend when something like your Valkyrie or Guards aren’t available.


Your butcher for just about any and all pushes coming your way.

Reserve him for defense and go on the counter push with him when it’s feasible.

Be mindful of what decks you can afford to cycle him in the back of your towers against decks that pack heavy spells like Lightning and Rocket.


The Miner will be one of your main sources of chip damage. He may be used on offense to dispose of an enemy Princess or to make quick work of your opponent’s Elixir Collectors.

He may also be used as a secondary tank for some of your pushes to remain very deadly even after your opponent has gotten rid of your Giant.

Consider using him to dispose of enemy glass cannons when they are distracted by your Giant. Doing this can allow you to stop a counter push before it even has a chance to happen! Be mindful of where you place him when you’re either not sure if your opponent has cards that can send him to the King Tower or if they have one in hand and you’re aware of it. Starting off in the anti-tornado placement is always a good start for when you are sure you can use him for chip damage until you know they lack cards that can send him to the King Tower. In this case you can vary his placements a bit more freely.


Great cheap card that can give you an edge against decks that pack single target units like the Prince , Mini P.E.K.K.A., Musketeer etc or even the Royal Ghost (provided you place them correctly)!

Additionally they have a slight ranged attack so if you are up against a Graveyard deck that packs Poison you can drop them a little off from where the Poison spell will be deployed so they attack from afar until they eventually wander into the toxic area. This should give them a fighting chance to survive longer and help you defend a bit longer. Of course if you can afford to you will improvise defense against their tank and use Valkyrie for a cleaner defense!

Early Stage Gameplan

Play passively for the most part and cycle a Miner when he isn’t needed for anything specifically. When you’re nearing full elixir during the beginning of the match try placing down a Giant and then be ready to respond to whatever your opponent throws at you in the next instant.

Late Stage Gameplan

When its double elixir you can afford to make more counter pushes with your Executioner and Giant and even send in the Miner for some more Chip damage and even assassinations of certain glass cannons they deploy on defense. As long as you keep up your solid defense while chipping them down you should eventually win the match or in the worst case scenario, draw which should be too bad considering a loss would be worse.

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