Mega Knight Royal Ghost Inferno Dragon Miner Deck [OJ YouTuber Challenge Deck]
DaRealLegend posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This deck combines the strengths of 4 incredible legendary cards, Mega Knight Royal Ghost Inferno Dragon Miner Deck and the recently buffed zappies and the recent META goblin hut and skeleton barrel

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Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon has become one of the strongest damage dealing cards in the game and is best used when paired behind the mega knight, royal ghost or miner. Use the inferno dragon to break down tanks, hogs and flying troops like lavahounds, balloons and baby dragons. Also great when pushing behind a mini tank or tank because it is able to lock on targets or towers that are not focused on the inferno dragon

Mega Knight

The Mega Knight is best used during double elixir time as a tank for the inferno dragon and for crowd control. However, if there is an opportunity for you to crash down on multiple troops for a positive elixir trade then feel free to use in single elixir time

Royal Ghost

The royal ghost was nerfed recently but still has incredible value at 3 elixir. However, the royal ghost is best used behind a push and snuck in for damage or behind a tank for its splash damage against spawn troops or non splash ground troops.


The miner will best be used for chip damage and to counter elixir pumps. Best to direct the miner to the top of the tower to draw your oppnents push back in order for those troops to counter the miner. The miner can also be used to chip against furnaces and defensively against hogs or tanks.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir time it's important to use the miner for chip damage and the inferno dragon for defending against the opponent's tanks. Refrain from using the mega knight until you see an opportunity to drop him down for a positive elixir trade or wait until double elixir time to use as a tank. Use the zappies to stun any air targets and ground rushing troops like the hog, prince, dark prince or bandit. The royal ghost will also help offensively once the push is cleared and you have the miner infront of it in the push or the zappies and inferno dragon for support.

Late Stage Gameplan

The mega knight will be used more frequently in 2x time and will serve a huge role as a tank and defense against buildings and splash troops. Follow the mega knight with the zappies, inferno dragon and royal ghost. The miner will be used for chip damage as much as possible to win the match.

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