COUNTER TO THE META | STOPPING The Mega Knight Bait Deck |
DaRealLegend posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Hey Folks ! In this guide we will discuss an ANTI-META deck that counters the Mega Knight Bait deck meta that is currently taking over Clash Royale.

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Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard - What can the Ice Wizard not do? This legendary will be able to provide support to the knight or baby dragon and quickly destroy zap bait troops like skeleton barrel skarmies, minion & minion hordes, goblin gangs and slow down tanks like the Pekka, Golem, Royal Giants, Hog Riders and E- Barbs.

Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon will be used more offensively in this deck behind your tank to quickly lock on to a tower for a high DPS attack or to defend against the mega knights, golems & tanks.


The PRIMARY role of the Pekka is to stop the mega knights & Tanks. Use only to stop those cards or during double elixir time as a tank

Baby Dragon

The Baby Dragon will serve as your PRIMARY splash damage troop or your backup tank for the ice wizard and musketeer


The knight is your PRIMARY tank and will allow you to quickly defend against Miners, tanks and skarmies & goblin gangs

Early Stage Gameplan

Your PRIMARY push will consist of the knight and baby dragon while using the ice wizard for backup splash support and the musketeer for ranged support. The minions will serve as distractions to the zappies & inferno dragons and can also defend against air/ground troops and the mega knight. The knight, baby dragon and minions will be your mega knight counters in 1x elixir time and the pekka during 2x elixir time. Your ice wizard and baby dragon will counter the skeleton barrel and your minions, ice wizard, musketeer will counter the inferno dragon. Use the zap in cases where you need to defend your tower or to reset the inferno dragon or tower.

Late Stage Gameplan

Your PRIMARY push now involves the PEKKA and this will also alllow you to defend against the mega knight. Still use the baby dragon as your PRIMARY splash support in order to protect the ice wizard and musketeer from the mega knight drop. Once mega knight is defeated stack up the musketeer and ice wizard especially since the opponent will try to counter the pekka with the inferno dragon.

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