Golem Control Deck
NigerianYouTube posted 4 years ago

This deck is interesting because it is a golem deck without the elixir collector. In the early game, you want to play this deck like a miner control deck. Send in the miner for chip damage and defend using the inferno dragon, mega minion, night witch and your spells. The inferno dragon is perfect for melting tanks. When you make an amazing trade and you are ahead on elixir, drop a golem in the back and steamroll your opponents. This may not happen until double elixir time. They beauty of the 3.6 cycle is that you can cycle back to a second golem really quickly. This may allow you to stack supporting troops behind a healthy golem, making this deck tough to beat.

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Night Witch

Use the night witch to stop smaller pushes and glass tanks. She is really good in pushes as well, so be sure to have her in rotation so she can support the golem. Her hard hitting staff and constantly spawning bats make it really hard to counter her efficiently.

Inferno Dragon

Use the inferno dragons against the huge tanks. This deck is unique because it is a beatdown deck with the inferno dragon. So when you go up against another beatdown deck, you usually come out on top since they most likely wont have an inferno dragon. The dragon helps out tremendously against lava hound decks!


The miner is nice because he can get good chip damage done to the towers. He is also insane at countering elixir collectors, giving you an advantage against beatdown decks which use them. He can also help you target ranged troops which are shooting away at your golem.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early stage, just relax and play this deck like a miner control deck. Make good trades and look for an opening to get down a golem. If the opening doesn't come, continue to chip away and wait for the late game.

Late Stage Gameplan

In the late game, try and make a good defensive play and then start up a golem in the back or at the bridge if you have supporting troops still alive. Steamroll your opponents with golems due to the cheap elixir costs.

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