Three Crown Golem Ghost Deck + Guide
Divesh98 posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

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Before you read onward I would like to suggest that you wonderful readers out there check out the video linked to game-play of the deck on my own YouTube Channel. Doing this should give you insight into how I would handle myself in battle and I would also explain my thought process so that you understand why make the decisions that I do. Aside from deck guides (both written and video format) I also upload some videos which are casual, contain funny moments/montages (at the end of some videos not all) and I also give my insight into the game with quick tips etc when I have the chance. If you all do enjoy the deck and have success with it and you're interested in what I do then make sure to visit my channel and consider subscribing for more Clash Royale content. I hope that you all enjoy the deck and guide and have a ton of success and fun while using it!

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Hey everyone! Today I will be covering a guide on what I believe to be one of the most fun Golem beat-down decks I’ve ever played. Do note that there will be a follow up guide to this as I have come to enjoy another variant of the deck which would be packing the Lumberjack in place of the Royale Ghost. Both decks are played very similarly but each would have its own pros and cons.

This deck itself was popularized during the initial release of the Royal Ghost card and after playing around with the cards in this deck I’ve come to understand several things. This deck lacks an Elixir Collector which means that you need to work harder to net some positive elixir trades by making good use of your other cards. Despite lacking the Elixir Collector we do have the Goblin Hut which has been proven to be a viable choice in a few meta decks as it offers both defensive and offensive value from the Spear Goblins that spawn from it. This card along with the Flying Machine are those which can be considered the backbone of this deck alongside the Night Witch who would spawn bats for as long as she is alive and even upon death. If you have the patience to play passively for most of a game and build up an elixir advantage then you can go in late game for a tower taking push in just one to two attempts depending on how the match is going.


In this deck your main win condition is going to be the Golem. If you have had any prior experience using Golem decks before you would know that he is a card to be used either in mid to late stages of a battle. Aside from damage done by the Golem and the Golemites, you can invest elixir in Goblin Huts (positions should be varied depending on the match up) to help chip away at your opponent’s towers with the trickle damage of the Spear Goblins. Placing down the Goblin Hut can also be done in order to bait out certain cards from your opponent’s decks such as a heavy spell like a Fireball or Poison. In some instances your opponent may try to use cards such as the Miner or Magic Archer (which was recently introduced into the game before the video I’ve put together was uploaded) against it or even a Princess. What you need to do in these cases is defend your hut if possible by making use of either a predictive Night Witch (to block the Miner) or a reactive Mega Minion or Flying Machine (to make quick work of the Magic Archer).

Generally speaking you should only drop your Golem under two circumstances:

1) You are positive your opponent has a sizeable elixir deficit(you have a great elixir advantage).

2) You have a Goblin Hut with almost full HP kicking and can afford to invest in a Golem (ensure their win condition is something you can either deal with or is out of rotation).

After you drop the Golem then wait a moment or two and see how your opponent reacts to your Golem being deployed. If they try to push the opposite lane assess how great the threat is, how great their defensive capabilities are and if you can afford to lose a tower or not. If you can’t afford to take much damage then defend cheaply with a Mega Minion or use a well-placed Flying Machine in the lane which you are pushing with your Golem. If however you can afford to absorb the damage and press onward with your push and start supporting your Golem. Your first supporting unit behind the Golem should ideally be a Night Witch because the bats she would spawn would be a bit of a menace to opponents who lack cards such as a Poison, Ice Wizard/Wizard/Princess with a Tornado or anything which would effectively disrupt their defensive countermeasures should they be leaning heavily on an Inferno Tower/Dragon to deal with the Golem. After the Night Witch follows up the Golem your next ideal supporting unit can be a Flying Machine which can be used to either anticipate a defensive building placed near the center of the arena to snipe it and help your push connect to the tower faster OR you can use it to add to the threat of the push as it is very devastating for your opponents should it manage to lock onto the tower. When using the Flying Machine try to keep a Zap spell handy as typically your opponent may attempt to use either Bats (killed by Zap in one go), Goblin Gang (the melee Goblins distract the Flying Machine long enough for the Spear Goblins to do some work), Minions/Minion Horde (after being zapped the Minions will all die to one shot against the Flying Machine) or even a Skeleton Army if they’re really in need to cycle cards to get to another ideal counter while trying to distract the Flying Machine and Night Witch. If you don’t have the Flying Machine handy then you can consider using a Goblin Hut to spawn in continuous waves of Goblins to help support your Golem push provided you aren’t too worried about defending against things such as a Hog Rider/Battle Ram which would usually be addressed by using the Goblin Hut. Occasionally you can consider dropping a Royal Ghost in either the opposite lane to apply more pressure giving them the choice between addressing the big Golem push in one lane or by adding to the threat of the push by having him support; the choice is yours to make once you’ve assessed the situation to know exactly what can and can’t be done based on what cards your opponent has in hand and how much elixir they have to spare.


When defending with this deck you must strive for positive elixir trades as you do not have the usual Elixir Collector which can be found in most popular Golem Decks. You should use your Goblin Hut to do several things when deploying it such as being able to bank your elixir on your end with a structure that spawns units to chip away at the enemy tower whilst providing an opportunity to bait out a spell such as Poison which could effectively neutralize your main supporting units in a big push; namely the Night Witch and Flying Machine. If your opponent lacks troops with significant range then you can consider a more frontal placement which could effectively cover both lanes against any possible Hog Rider or Battle Ram rushes. If they do have something such as a Musketeer, Princess, Ewiz etc then try to either place the Goblin Hut either a little closer to the center of the arena (nearer to the king tower rather than the river) to avoid being sniped or just reserve it for reactively defending against the Hog Rider and Battle Rams. If your opponent happens to be running a deck that falls under the spell bait archetype and you know they have the Goblin Barrel in their deck then watch closely for duke Goblin Barrels as if they make the mistake of grouping all three Goblins together you can take care of them rather easily by using a Royal Ghost to send them to oblivion. If they are spread out and there isn’t anything tanking for them then use a Night Witch near the corner out the outer side of the crown tower being attacked to quickly deal with two Goblins faster while the tower focuses on the one on the inner side. Should your opponent be running a deck with the Skeleton Barrel then use either a Goblin Hut to pull it, make it burst and have the Spear Goblins spawning help the tower defend, consider the feasibility of using a well-timed Zap spell or try using a Night Witch as its getting ready to burst. Do note that the Barrel does do death damage which is enough to kill your Bats so try to stager the Night Witch so that her bats may spawn AFTER the barrel bursts for a more solid defense.

Against any deck running Miner as their win condition make sure that you address the support first as the Miner chip damage can be absorbed and is insignificant in comparison to the damage output of its support like something such as a Goblin Gang. Anything behind a Miner should be taken out if you are still in the early stages of the game as making the mistake of giving your opponent an early lead in damage when they have a Miner deck can allow them to chip you out the remainder the match. The same can be said for Mortar match ups. In this circumstance try to use the Goblin Hut to distract while spawning support or use something such as your Flying Machine for a quick lock from afar if you can take some damage (typically place it to go in the opposite lane if you already have a push going and can afford to soak a bit of damage. If anything, try using the Mega Minion to quickly burst it down if you are confident you can get it to lock onto the Mortar before they support it with either a Knight or Archers. As a side note you should try to reserve your Mega Minion to deal with cards such as an opponent’s Flying Machine, Baby Dragon, Mega Minion and Inferno Dragon (be careful of this as 1v1 Inferno Dragon wins if the tower isn’t helping) or even against Hog Rider if you’re really trying hard to gain some positive elixir trades. For any other situation use your discretion/common sense or check with some of the situations I would have encountered during the guide video which is linked below.

Tips & Tricks

Below are some bonus tips which should prove to be invaluable to helping you not only master this deck but learn new and efficient ways to utilize the cards you have in your collection:

  • Defend as cheaply as you can using cards such as the Mega Minion and Royal Ghost when and where possible.

  • Bank your elixir from time to time with the Goblin Hut in hopes to chip away at your opponent’s tower or even bait out their spells; namely the Poison and Fireball spells.

  • Be very aware of where you plant your Goblin Huts so as to avoid being sniped by ranged units such as an enemy Musketeer, Dart Goblin or Magic Archer.

  • Always remember to spread out your supporting troops so as to avoid being susceptible to value Fireballs, Poisons and Rockets.

  • You should generally start off a Golem push only after you’ve either made a series of positive elixir trades (your opponent is significantly behind in terms of elixir compared to you), you’re in double elixir or if you’ve got a Goblin Hut near full hp kicking and you see an opportunity to make some magic happen.

  • If your opponent has a Hog Rider, Skeleton Barrel or Battle Ram in their deck then try to use the Goblin Hut reactively in order to pull it.

  • Always keep in mind that you can afford to absorb some degree of damage and even trade/sacrifice a tower from time to time if you are sure you can use what elixir you have handy to continue pressing on towards victory. Always keep assessing the situation at hand to make the best possible decisions.

  • When facing a Mortar deck remember to keep it distracted by having something on the ground for it to agro onto. The best things to use to do this may be a Golem, Night Witch or Goblin Hut. The Goblin Hut may be best if you already have a Golem going as it will remain in place, taking hits from the Mortar while continuously spawning in Spear Goblins to support your Golem.

  • Pay close attention to where Goblin Barrels are cast. If they are being grouped up then try to use your Royal Ghost to splash them away. If they aren’t then consider using the Night Witch/Flying Machine/Mega Minion to deal with the Goblins on the outer end of your crown towers if there is nothing tanking for them.

  • Always aim to kill the units supporting a Miner rather than the Miner itself to avoid taking severe damage unnecessarily when defending.

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Your main tank and win condition for the most part.

You may use the Golem under certain conditions in order to make one or two pushes to take a tower or even three crown your opponent if the push goes well enough!

Be very mindful of when and exactly where the Golem is deployed as it takes some time to cross the map to get to the enemy side much less to their tower.

Goblin Hut

The Goblin Hut is arguably one of the best buildings in the game for its utility and versatility!

Use this card to bank elixir, distract single target units, chip away at an opponent's towers, bait out spells or to help provide continuous waves of support for your Golem pushes.

Can be used to aggro Hog Riders, Skeleton Barrels and Battle Rams among other things when used reactively.

Flying Machine

Arguably the most useful/powerful card in your deck.

Use the Flying Machine when your opponent has wasted their heavier spells such as Poison and Fireball on things such as the Goblin Hut in order to get a lot of value if you are able to place it in the right times and positions. Protect it as best as you can and watch it return the favor by providing a lot of value for you!

Keep cards such as a Zap handy when being used to help protect it against swarm units or help it in a 1v1 standoff against the opponent's air defense units/buildings.

Can be used to snipe the opponent's defending units or buildings they drop to distract/hinder your pushes from afar. If it connects to the tower a few times then it will deal a ton of damage in the blink of an eye if left unchecked!

Night Witch

One of your best supporting units for any Golem beatdown decks.

Deploy her in the back when making a Golem push if you can afford to in order to summon an army of Bats to annoy your opponent and distract their defenses. Beware these bats shred troops if they are left to accumulate!

Can be used to help bait out spells at times when you place her near your crown towers.

Royal Ghost

Royal Ghost can be used to help on defense and also proves to be a nuisance for some opponents to deal with depending on the match up.

Can be used to either support your push or he can even be used to apply pressure in the opposite lane as leaving him unchecked can result in losing a lot of hp off of a tower.

Can assassinate both Fire and Ice Spirits without being damaged if nothing else interferes. #Value!

Mega Minion

Mega Minion is a sturdy all-rounder in your deck at a bargain price of only 3 Elixir.

Use him to get some positive trades and defend efficiently against a number of things ; particularly an opponent's Baby Dragon, Flying Machine, Minions or even an opposing Mega Minion. If pitted against an Inferno Dragon he will lose the battle if he doesn't receive any assistance from any other sources of damage dealing entities.

Early Stage Gameplan

Defend as efficiently as possible and quickly identify the opponent’s deck and what cards it comprises of. Once this is done keep adjusting your defensive sequences to suit the match but you will more or less find yourself following the pointers I’ve listed in the defense section of this guide. Keep defending as best as you can and when double elixir hits then you can adopt a more offensive mindset to begin your advances towards victory!

Late Stage Gameplan

Start using your golem in the back of the King/Crown Tower after having identified which lane you want to have your push going in. After starting off your Golem proceed to begin supporting units while making sure you can either defend sufficiently/absorb and mitigate damage.

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