DIRTIEST DECK EVER! Royal Giant Furnace Deck
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

With this deck you want to be able to support your Royal Giant making it more difficult for your opponent to take him out! You’re basically guaranteed to get a small amount of chip damage just dropping him naked at the bridge but then you’re going to have to deal with the opponents counter push. The fire spirits and dark prince do a great job at taking out any swarm units your opponent might play. In double elixir you want to play aggressive and punish your oppoent whenever you can!

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Electro Wizard

E-wiz is one of the best defensive cards in the game so if you haven’t unlocked him swap him for something which has similar mechanics to him like zappies

The Log

Log can be swapped out for zap or arrows, if you don’t run ewiz in this deck I would recommend taking zap instead of log. Log is a great cycle card and you should try and play it so it always gives you chip damage against the opponents tower unless they’re using a log bait deck where you need to be smarter with your log plays.

Royal Giant

This guy is the win condition in this deck. He can be play at the river to snip enemy buildings or you can drop him behind your towers to build a strong push. Also a great tip is you can drop him in the centre of the map to kite enemy troops to the other lane allowing your tower more time to takeout their push and then allow you to counter push!

Early Stage Gameplan

A good starting play is dropping your furnace on a 4 - 3 placement. Like most games try to figure out what your opponent is playing so you know what they will use to counter your Royal Giant. If you don’t have the elixir advantage or you’re up against a hard counter (Pekka, inferno dragon) then drop your Royal Giant behind your king tower. This allows you build build a nice push behind the Royal Giant. If your confident you have a good elixir advantage or your opponent doesn’t have a good counter then play more aggressive by dropping him at the bridge. If your not confident, play defensive, build an elixir advantage and wait for double elixir!

Late Stage Gameplan

Now it’s time to play more aggressive! Try to stack a couple of furnaces, this will help bait out spells which could be used to take out supporting troops. You’ll find this deck can cycle pretty quickly so you need to use this to your advantage, it’s ok to play a second Royal Giant at the bridge in double elixir. Use your spells to help chip away at the tower when your oppoent gives you the opportunity for a positive elixir trade! Supporting the Royal Giant is going to help him stay alive longer and get more tower damage, this deck has lots of good cards for supporting your Royal Giant but make sure you don’t drop them to close together otherwise your oppoent will get a good value spell placement!

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