Powerful Lavahound Graveyard Deck
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

With this deck you need to learn what you’re going up against, it’s a very transactional deck, you need to defend well, make positive elixir trades then punish your opponent and claim them crowns! You only have two ground units here (guards and tombstone) so learning what your opponent is playing and then learning how to counter his deck is important. I recommend checking out my video for a better understanding of how to deal with different matchups.

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Lava Hound

Lava Hound is a heavy card. I wouldn’t recommend dropping her until you know what your oppoent is running. If you leave her to get attack a tower in her own she isn’t going to do to much damage so she’s best paired up with other cards to force your opponent to react to her.


Playing Graveyard along with lava hound will force your opponent to react, a lot of players run posion which is the perfect counter to graveyard so you should try and bait out their posion with either guards or flying machine. It can be played defensively it can stop a pekka for a positive elixir trade or can be used to stop a inferno dragon or inferno tower from locking onto your hound. Just be careful not to play it so it can activate the enemies king tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

The hardest matchup is three musketeers, if you find yourself against this matchup it’s important to try and take a tower in the first two minuets so you can focus on defending in double elixir. Try you defend efficiently here and build up positive elixir trades while learning what your oppoent is playing. If you’re up against bridge spam keeping tombstone is important to help deal with battle ram!

Late Stage Gameplan

Once your confident you’ve built up a good elixir lead and you know what your opponent is playing, start with lava hound in the back and start to build up a big push. Keep tombstone in hand along with guards to help deal with the oppoents cards if he tries to push the other lane. You can put the flying machine behind the hound to try and bait out any spells your oppoent might be using, this will allow you to get more damage with with graveyard. Towards to end of double elixir don’t be afraid of dropping a hound in the pocket along with either a dying lava hound on the tower or a graveyard. Double elixir is your time to play aggressive against the majority of matchups, you have plenty of defence cards which will give you positive elixir trades along with the help of your princess towers.

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