PEKKA MINER ROYAL GHOST ZAPPIES DECK (20 Win Challenge Deck Recommendation)
DaRealLegend posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Folks in this guide we will breakdown a deck that has been recommended for the 20 Win Challenge. This Pekka Miner Royal Ghost Control deck has been greatly used to counter against Golem beatdown decks and plays well against the Xbow 2.9 & 3.1 decks.

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Goblin Hut

The hut and the miner will allow you to do chip damage against towers and will give you more opportunities to counter with your other cards, The hut will also serve as a distraction for lavahounds, giants, golems, and balloons and will also provide you additional time to play more counters and do damage with your archer towers.


The zappies will provide support to your pekka or mega minion and will play defense against ground and air troops and do decent damage against towers.


Very important to use the pekka wisely. 7 elixir played wrong in challenges can make or break your push. Use the pekka to guard against large tanks or three musketeers and as a tank to lead counter pushes.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the beginning stages, you want to determine what archetype your opponent is playing, try to only counter until you can figure out the deck or until all cards are revealed. If you opponent is playing a pump early, then save your pekka for their golem, 3mm, double prince or mega knight. If your opponent is playing is playing zap bait then save your log for the goblin barrel. If they are playing graveyard save your poison spell and etc.

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2x time, you will have figured out most of your opponents patterns or moves, now you have to initiate a push and play your cards accordingly and expect your opponent to play their counters and wait for the right time to outsmart them and create a positive elixir trade. Use all your cards and counter push with your pekka as the tank and play your miner whenever the pekka or mega minion approaches the bridge.

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