clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is an awesome deck for the 20 win challenge! As with all decks it’s important to learn what your oppoent is playing. You have some great defensive cards in this deck which will help you defend without spending too much elixir! Executioner tornado can shut down almost any push but be carful not to give your oppoent rocket value by playing your excutioner behind your towers. I recommend watching my video featuring rainbow and watching his play style using this deck.

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The Log

If you haven’t unlocked the log you can swap it out for zap they both work really well. You want to play your cheap spells efficiently, zapping the oppoents to get a extra hog hit or using a prediction log can be the difference between winning and losing.

Hog Rider

The hog is your win condition in this deck, playing him at the right time basically guarantees you tower damage. If you know what your opponent is running you can use a prediction log you take out goblin gang/skelly army. Also if your opponent plays elixir collector between their towers you can drop the hog at the river to try and take out their collectors! This can be paired with a prediction log if you know your opponent is running goblin gang/ skeleton army.


Executioner is a great defensive card, combined with Tornado he can shut down most pushes. Just be careful not to give spell value to your oppoent by playing it behind your towers before you know what they’re running in their deck!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game, learn what your oppoent is playing and what their win condition is. Defend efficiently and build up a good elixir lead. Try to active your king tower if the oppoent is running cards miner, hog or goblin barrel, this will help with your defence later on in the game. The best way to attack is by defending effectively and then turning that into a counter push with your hog. Try to get good value with your spells against the opponents towers but be carful their not baiting out that card!

Late Stage Gameplan

Similar to the first two minuets you still want to defend you’re not playing a heavy beat down deck. But now you need to be more aggressive with your hog, most of the time he will get one hit against the tower depending on what your oppoent is playing. Executioner nando can be used to pull the opponents units away from your hog allowing him to get extra damage. Keep cycling hogs and getting good value with your spells against the opponents towers while defending efficiently and you’ll win with this deck! Goodluck in the 20 win challenge and let me know how you guys get on.

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