clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is an extremely off meta deck and is extremely fun to play! This is basically a variation of a spell bait deck. You’re going to use your elixir collector to bait out their big spells. The best way to play this deck is to bait out their spells and then punish your oppoent once you’ve learnt what they’re running and what their card rotation is. I recommend checking out my video for more hints and tips on running this deck with game play from OneHive_Hunt3r

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Giant paired with sparky is your win condition in this deck. He can he used to kite troops across lanes if play correctly. Try to build up a good push behind your giant but be carful not to give your opponent spell value by clumping up all your troops. Also if you defend your troops have enough health left for a counter push drop him at the bridge, this will keep the pressure on your opponent and force them to react which stops them been able to play how they want to in the match.


She’s is one of the most underrated cards in the game! A couple of giant swings and a blast from this trash can and that is RIP tower. Try pairing her with rage during double elixir to reduce her charge time. Playing sparky behind you giant will make you oppoent have to choose which he wants to take out first, most players choose to try and take out your sparky because she does the most damage, so if your opponent doesn’t have rocket or lightening playing support troops along side the sparky will make it harder for her to be taken out.

Elixir Collector

Try to pump as much as possible in single elixir, but don’t pump up in double elixir unless you’re confident the game is going into over time otherwise you won’t get value from your pump.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you want to learn what your oppoent is playing and what cards they have to counter yours. Try to pump as much as possible in the first two minuets, this will help you go into double elixir with a good elixir advantage. If they’re running rocket then the pump is perfect to bait out the rocket, but if they hold onto the rocket for your sparky then you gain an elixir advantage from your pump and then you can punish your opponent in double elixir. The giant can be used as a meat shield or he can be used to pull troops into the other lane which will allow you take out their push and turn your defence into an offence!

Late Stage Gameplan

Now you should know what your oppoent is running and what cards they’re likely to use to counter yours! Remember not to pump in double elixir unless your confident that the game is going into overtime otherwise you’ll put yourself at an elixir disadvantage. Be more aggressive with your rage spell in double elixir it’ll keep the pressure on your oppoent and it reduces your sparkys charge time to under 3 seconds! Try to always keep the sparky behind your giant and then play wizard or dark prince (depending on what your opponent is running) behind your sparky to counter what the opponent plays the kill the sparky. You can use minion horde/ goblin gang to bait out your oppoents spells and then you can punish them! Goodluck guys let me know you get on!

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