clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck can cycle very quickly and this is important because of the few defensive cards you have in this deck. Be cautious when playing the freeze for the first time because once you play your opponent will be expecting it for the rest of the game making it harder for you to get good value with the freeze. Ice golem can be used to kite troops, as a meat shield for your Tesla or he can be used in a pig push. Go check out my video in the link to see game play on the 20 win challenge using this deck featuring ThatOneGuy.

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I would probably choose to play this card last and I’d make sure it’s a good value freeze and it takes your opponent by surprise to give you the most value possible. Freeze can also be used defensively if you pair it with your Tesla to shut down their push and allow you to cycle between your defensive units.

Hog Rider

The hog is your win condition in this deck, pairing him with prediction logs will you get tower damage once you know what your opponent is running.

Early Stage Gameplan

Try to learn what your oppoent is playing. Play the hog to see how your opponent counters him but don’t play your freeze spell unless your opponent over commits on defence and gives you a good opportunity to freeze. If they’re running golem/hound drop the hog in the opposite lane to force your opponent to defend so he can’t stack up support troops behind their tank. Don’t be scared to play the hog your deck cycles very fast so it’s easy to get back to your key defensive cards. Try to get chip damage against the opponents towers with your spells if they play their cards in a spot where it allows you to get tower damage.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game it’s important to keep pressuring your opponent with the hog, now is a good time to play your freeze spell with your hog if you know what your opponent is going to play to counter the push. Just be careful because when playing freeze it can lead to a pretty nasty counter push especially in double elixir, so to help prevent this try the make positive elixir trades and keep track of what you oppoent is running. A good freeze spell will often force your opponent to drop another card on defence which is a good opportunity to get fireball value.

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