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clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

With this deck you have minion horde, elixir collector and three musketeers to use as posion bait. Most of the time your opponent will try to zap your minion horde which is a good opportunity to drop your miner on the opponents side to tank for the low hp minions. This will force your opponent to use their bigger spell on the minions which allows you to play your collector. Always protect your collector even if you’re taking a negative trade playing your dark prince against miner because they will have to spend elixir on countering your dark prince once he’s killed their miner. If you don’t have pump in your starting hand wait for your opponent to make the first move, if they drop pump then pressure a lane with the cards you have. For more great in-depth hints and tips on this deck check out my video in the link featuring SirTag who got a flawless 20-0 using this deck.

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If you both have collectors on field then you want to be the second person to drop the miner on the pump because if you drop first they’ll defend and then you’ll have to deal with their counter push and likely loose the game.

Elixir Collector

I would always start with collector in the middle of your towers, it’s the most optimal play because if they have a big spell or they’re running graveyard you will give them too much value by playing it behind your towers.

Dark Prince

Dark prince is a great versatile defensive card. He can help shut down three musketeers and he can stop a goblin barrel if he’s charging behind your tower when it lands.

Early Stage Gameplan

As with all games you want to figuring out what your opponent is playing and try to learn their play style. Try to pump as much as you can and always protect your pump even if it means taking some damage on your towers. With the three musketeers I recommend not playing three musketeers unless you know you can capitalise off them by stopping a huge push by your opponent.

Late Stage Gameplan

The best way to play this deck to to wait for you’re opponent to make a mistake by either over committing or playing one of their only counters to your cards. Defend your pumps and you’ll be able to turn the defence into an offensive push, try to be aware of when to go aggressive (if your opponent is low on elixir or their counters are out of hand) and when to play less offensive. Goodluck in the arena and let me know how you get on trying out this deck!

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