2.3 Miner Cycle
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is a great deck to improve your all round gameplay and to help you understand card interactions on a micro basis. In my video I’m showing replays from surgical goblin in the CRL challenge and his decision making is what makes him such an awesome pro and he goes 20-0 in the challenge. The clue is in the title did this deck, this is an extremely fast cycle deck your miner and posion are the cards that are going to get you tower damage in this deck. It isn’t only designed for a 1-0 victory so defence is extremely important.

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This card is your win condition, cycling him against your opponents towers is going to win you the game. You can pair him with prediction posion or log if you don’t need those cards to play on defence, it depends on what your opponent is running.


If possible I would try to use this card to activate your king tower in the first minute of the game, a lot of cards can active your king tower if you play this correctly. Activating your king tower will give you extra defence throughout the game which is crucial running this deck.

Early Stage Gameplan

Try to learn what your oppoent is running. If the opponent is running three musketeers you need to save your posion. But remember you can often out cycle your opponent so you’ll be able to get back to your posion before your opponent gets back to three musketeers which will allow you to pair posion with your miner if necessary! Kiting your opponents troops will be key on defence to allow your towers and bats to take down the HP of the enemies troops.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you will have so much elixir so it’s important to keep cycling and make sure not to waste elixir! Keep them miners going to the towers so you can keep getting that chip damage. Keep switching up your miner position on their tower so that it makes it harder for them to predict your placements. In double elixir you can be more aggressive with using your spells against your opponents towers. Goodluck guys this deck will help you improve as a player but be prepared to loose matches along the way!

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