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Hey Folks ! In this guide, we will discuss an X-Bow Ice Wizard cycle deck that is paired up with the tornado, log, rocket, skeletons, ice golem and mega minion. This deck focuses on the X-bow which can be used offensively for chip damage against towers or defensively against buildings and spawner troops. The deck has a 3.3 elixir cost and has many cards that can by cycled quickly to defend and protect your x-bow.

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Ice Wizard

The ice wizard is your main support card and will protect your x-bow from minions, skarmies, bats and slow down any approaching troops like the hog or battle ram. Paired up with the mega minion, skellys, and log and you can support your x-bow.


The x-bow can cause massive damage when properly supported. DO NOT drop the x-bow unless you have the ice wizard, log or mega minion to support and the ice golem to tank on the attacking lane. When matched up against counters, use the X-bow defensively to attack buildings nad spawners and tanks.


Save the rocket for collectors, x-bows, sparky or late game chip damage. You can also use when pulling multiple units with the tornado but be super careful with timing and placement.

Early Stage Gameplan

Your main push will require the ice golem to tank, ice wizard to support and the mega minion for backup. Once the push approaches the bridge drop the x-bow in a the middle tile in front of the bridge but be certain that the x-bow is able to target the tower where your cards are pushing. Once your x-bow is down, it's very important to cycle thru all your cards and protect it. If dealing with a counter, place the x-bow further back and let it attack all approaching troops and this will create more space for you to support defending against oncoming troops. Save the rocket for collectors, x-bows, sparky, 3MM or late game chip damage. You can also use when pulling multiple units with the tornado but be super careful with timing and placement.

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2x elixir time, you will cycle all your cards and protect your x-bow. The cycle will be non stop due to all the low cost cards. Use the tornado to pull troops away or to force cards into a group for the mega minion, rocket or ice wizard to attack. In overtime, defend with all the cycle cards and use the rocket log combo to deal tower damage unless your x-bow is able to be played.

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