clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

With this deck you want to use your goblin barrel to punish your opponent when they don’t have log in cycle. Try to always protect your princess so you can get the most value out of her and if your opponent logs her you can go in with your goblin barrel! Giant Skelton and cannon cart are great on defence. The canon cart moves pretty quickly so you can often use it as a bridge spam card. Your main source of tower damage with this deck will be using your goblin barrel wisely and getting chip damage with your princess. You’ll rarely get you Giant Skeleton to the tower because most opponents will offer defend him, this will allow you to then pressure with goblin barrel.

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Princess is one of the best cards in the game for defence. You need to make sure you keep her alive as long as possible to ensure you get the most value out of her.

Giant Skeleton

This guy is an awesome card! Pairing him with Tornado can take out the majority of your opponents counter push.

Goblin Barrel

This card is your win condition and will be your main source of damage! Remember to bait out your opponents counter which will most likely the log!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should try and figure out what you opponent is playing and what their win condition is. Try to use the tornado to activate your king tower early game, this will help you on defence throughout the rest of the game. If your opponent uses their log then you can go in with goblin barrel to get chip damage on their tower. Keep up the pressure and force you opponent to defend otherwise they’ll build up a high elixir advantage.

Late Stage Gameplan

Now try to get as many princess on the map as possible. If you’re playing a defensive princess play her in the opposite lane to you opponent so they can’t take her out with spell value on your tower. In double elixir playing cannon cart at the bridge and pairing it with goblin barrel will be tricky for you opponent to counter and will most likely result in great tower damage for you! Remember to bait out their log first! You can almost use this deck as a bridge spam if you know what your opponent is running and what counters they have in your hand. Goodluck with this deck and let me know how your guys get on!

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