clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

The main aim of this deck is to get your hog to the opponents tower without over committing on a push. Your mega minion and flying machine are great defensive cards that can be used on a counter push. Tombstone/ice golem are great at kiting units and giving you extra time to react to the opponents push. You can use Ice golem/ ice spirit to help take out swarm units if you’re going up against bait decks. Also flying machine can be used in the centre of the arena to snipe any spawn buildings played by your opponent. Just remember flying machine dies to fireball at tournament standard so be carful not to give your opponent value by playing it close to the tower units. When playing the hog you can pair him with ice spirit or a prediction spell placement, once you know what your opponent is running, to help him make contact with the tower.

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Hog Rider

This card is your win condition and making him connect to the opponents tower is what is going to make you win the match up.

Flying Machine

This is a great versatile card! Just remember it dies to fireball so don’t give your opponent value by playing it to close to either you tower or or units.

Early Stage Gameplan

As always guys you want to figure out what you oppoent is running as quick as you can. Learn what cards counter your cards and vice versa. Try to make positive elixir trades to give you a good advantage going into double elixir. If your opponent drops heavy cards like golem, lava hound, elixir collector in the first 2 minuets then pressure your opponent in the opposite lane with your hog. You can pair him with and ice spirit or ice golem to give you hog rider extra tower damage. If they use collector it is worth while using fireball against the collector if you can also get tower damage or take out units. Just make sure that you don’t need you fireball for cards like three musketeers, but your deck can cycle quick so you’ll get back to fireball quickly.

Late Stage Gameplan

Similar to the early stage of the game, play wisely and make positive trades, try to predict what your opponent might play to counter your hog rider. Keep the pressure up against your opponent to stop them been able to build up a big push which you will struggle to defend. In double elixir you’ll be able to stack up more units behind your hog to help take out the cards your opponent plays to counter you. Sometimes it’s worth while dropping a second hog rider if you can get back to him quickly enough and you’re at a good elixir lead. Goodluck everyone let me know how you guys get on when playing this deck!

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