clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is a fast cycle bait deck. The clue is in the title! You bait out your opponents counters for your goblin barrel and then punish them. Princess is a great first play behind your king tower. Dark prince and bandit are great defensive cards but are also good to play at the bridge to pressure your opponents if you know you have a good elixir lead. Go check out of video for more information on this deck featuring the bait God Morten.

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Princess is a great first play, place her behind your king tower. She is great on defence paired with your dark prince and Tornado. This combo can shut down a lot of the opponents push’s.


This card has great versatility try to activate your king tower using your Tornado you help with defence through out the rest of the game.

Goblin Barrel

This card is your win condition, you’ll try to bait out your opponents counters to this card and then punish them with this card.

Early Stage Gameplan

Try to figure out what your opponent is playing and what cards they have to counter your main source of damage. Try use use Tornado to activate your king tower to help out with defence throughout the rest of the game! This is primarily a spam deck so keep up the pressure but be careful not to over commit otherwise you will struggle to defend your opponents counter push. Try to make positive elixir trades throughout to help give you an advantage when you go into double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

Make sure you keep up the pressure your deck is going to cycle extremely fast in double elixir. Pairing your globlin barrel with cards like bandit or dark prince will help you get more damage on your opponents tower if you know their counters are out of hand. If they play a heavy tank I recommend applying pressure in the opposite lane to stop them building up support troops behind their tank.

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