clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is effectively a miner posion chip check, however with the speed of the dart goblin and the range of of magic archer this deck really is one of a kind! It’s super fun to play in my opinion. You have some great defensive cards like minion horde and goblin gang but they can be easily taken out so make sure you know what your opponent is running before you drop them to have them taken out instantly leaving you at an elixir disadvantage. Ice golem is great paired with magic archer and/or dart goblin to help take out the opponents troops. Go check out my video guys Ploppy gives us some great guidance for playin this deck.

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This is a great card to keep up pressure on your opponent while getting tower damage. He is also your win condition. He can be used against the opponents elixir collectors to help stop them getting the pump advantage.

Dart Goblin

I think this card is underrated in this meta. He’s very fast and your opponent has to be quick to prevent him getting damage on their tower if you play it as a bridge spam card.


Posion is also a key card in this deck, if your up against three musketeers or graveyard this card can give you great defensive value is played correctly. Also with miner in double elixir will help take out any cards your opponent plays to defend your miner while also give you tower damage!

Early Stage Gameplan

Try to figure out what your opponent is playing, make positive elixir trades throughout and learn what cards they like to play to counter your cards. If they’re running three musketeers try to take a tower in single elixir so you can focus on defence during double elixir. Once you’ve learnt what your opponent is playing you can start to make prediction plays with your spells to take out your opponents counters to your miner when you send him to their tower.

Late Stage Gameplan

Keep up the pressure don’t let them build up a big push that you can’t defend. Remember that magic archer and dart goblin both die to fireball so don’t place them to close together otherwise you’ll give your opponent an elixir lead. Keep cycling miners on he opponents towers just make sure you mix up where you play him on their tower so it makes it harder for them to defend.

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