clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is a beat down deck. Your main aim is to build up a monster push and take down your opponents towers. Don’t be afraid of taking damage or even losing a tower while playing this deck. You have three spells in this deck, you can use these to support your golem push. It’s always worth fireballing the opponents elixir collector if they’re running it. If they’re playing three musketeers you have plenty of cards like dark prince, mini pekka and mega minion to take them out. If you find that you’ve acquired a large elixir lead and you have lots of troops on the map keep spamming troops because your opponent won’t be able to defend and you’ll come out with a three crown. You almost always have an answer in your hand to whatever your opponent plays so don’t be afraid to go aggressive during double elixir. Go check out my video guys for game play with this deck you’ll get to see what decisions the pro Ivan makes while playing this deck.

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Inferno Dragon

This card paired with you mini pekka are your tank killers. Both of these cards have to be answered by your opponent or they will lose their tower.


This card is your win condition in this deck. Your main aim is to play the golem and build up support troops behind the golem to take down towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to figure out what your opponent is running. Try to make some positive elixir trades, it’s always worth ignoring some of your opponents push’s if it’s getting close to double elixir, this will give you a good elixir lead going into double elixir which will allow you to build up a monster push and take out your opponent in a single push. If your first golem push isn’t successful during in single elixir, try to remember what your opponent played to counter your push and this will help you be able to predict what he/she will play on your next push and what you need to play to make your next golem push more successful.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir this deck becomes so strong. Don’t be afraid of waiting out for double elixir in a match it you know you won’t be able to build up a big push during single elixir. If they’re playing heavy tank killers like pekka, inferno tower or inferno dragon you’ll need to play smarter with your golem by playing it behind your king tower and building up a large push. Play your golem around the 1:10 mark in the match behind your towers and when the golem reaches the bridge double elixir will have started and you’ll be able to play more support cards quicker behind your golem to quickly take down what your opponent plays to counter your push. Hover spells over the area you think your opponent will play a counter card to quickly take it out, this will allow your push to devastate your opponents towers and give you the victory. Goodluck guys this deck is super fun to play but golem decks can require a different mentality to play, so don’t be afraid of taking damage or even losing a tower because if you play this deck correctly you only need one successful golem push for a three crown.

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