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Often when playing the sparky the opponent will likely over commit to try and take her out quickly. If your opponent is playing rocket don’t play her behind your towers otherwise your opponent will get good value by taking her out and getting tower damage. Sparky paired with Tornado has a great synergy, it can be used to group troops together or pull them back from your tower and allow your sparky to get an extra blast on their push. The ideal push is to have your sparky behind your giant, and then play support troops to protect your sparky. Try to spread troop placements out so your opponent doesn’t get good fireball or posion value. The pro in my video, Shake, will often use Tornado to pull the troops to the other lane and away from your push, this will allow your giant and sparky to get damage on their tower.

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This card is no longer known as the trash can on wheels! She applies a lot of pressure to your opponent when you play her and she aids your giant pushes extremely well. You can get great value from this card is you play her well and protect her by using your other cards.


In the first minute or so of the game try to use this card to activate your king tower to hel with your defence throughout the rest of the game. It can also be paired with you princess or if you time it right you can drop it with the blast from your sparky to help shut down your opponents push’s.


The giant is your main win condition of this deck, more often than not your sparky won’t actually connect with your opponents towers but she will provide heavy support to your giant push.

Early Stage Gameplan

An ideal first play if you don’t like waiting for your opponent to make the first move is playing your princess behind your king tower or you can even cycle minions. If they’re running hog or goblin barrel try to activate your king tower. Tornado can also pull, golem, Giant, balloon, royal ghost to your king tower but the opponent will often pair these cards with support troops so make sure you can take them out before you choose to activate your king tower. Try to make positive elixir trades and take note of what cards your opponent is playing that will counter your giant and sparky. If your know what your opponent is playing and you’ve made some positive elixir trades then play giant in the back and see how your opponent reacts, depending on what they play you might be able to build up a sparky push behind you giant while still in single elixir. Just be careful not to over commit in the first two minuets of the game and give your opponent a huge elixir lead going into double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

Now it’s time to keep up the pressure on your opponent. Don’t be afraid of playing a giant at the bridge if you have a couple of support cards on the map already. Once your opponent makes a mistake or plays their counter then it’s time to go aggressive and try to get some damage on their tower. If you can’t bait out their main counter you can use Tornado to pull their troops to the opposite lane to allow your push to successfully get to their tower. I recommend only doing this if your confident you can still defend the opposite lane. Goodluck while playing this deck everyone! There’s no better feeling in Clash Royale than when your sparky makes a connection on the opponents tower.

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