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This is a high skill and playing it will definitely help improve your all round game play across the meta. You’ll rely on getting chip damage with you miner and spells then defend using your hunters d the smaller cycle units. You can use your ice golem, and you three quick cycle cards (bats, ice spirit, and skellies) to distract the enemies troops while your hunter and you tower take down their push. Go check out my video for game play from the new CRL featuring this deck.

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This guy is your win condition, you’ll need to cycle him on your opponents tower to get damage. Make sure to switch up his placements so it’s harder for the opponent to predict where you’ll play him.


This guy with he awesome mustache will be used for defending. He can shut down heavy tank units and small swarm units extremely well. Just remember his health isn’t that great so make sure you defend him using your small cycle units throughout the game.

Ice Golem

This frosty creature can be used to kite units into the other lane, or used as a tank to buy yourself a couple more seconds on defence. He can also help take down small swarm units like minions and goblins.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to figure out what your opponent is playing. Try to get chip damage on the opponents towers with your spells through out the game if they give you good value by playing a building or a troop to close to their towers. You need to make positive elixir trades on defence early game to help you when you go into double elixir. You have to play extremely smart with this deck your troop placement is key to victory to allow your towers and hunter the maximum time to shut down their push. If they play a golem or a heavy tank push the opposite lane with a miner and a couple of cycle cards in the opposite lane to stop them building up such a big push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Going into double elixir keep them miners going to their towers, you can now be more aggressive with prediction spell placements to get extra chip damage agansit their towers. Just make sure you don’t need your spells to counter one of their cards before you play it. You’ll most likely be able to get multiple hunters on the field in double elixir so play wise and spread them out so the opponent can’t hit them both with a single spell. Goodluck running this deck let me know how you guys get on!

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