clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

I know I’ve uploaded a few videos recently on cycle decks but this is by far the most fun deck to play. The miner is your win condition in this deck his chip damage on the opponents tower soon builds up. Just make sure you’re not predictable on your placements to make sure you get the most value possible. Playing these kinds of decks really helps improve your all round game play because it helps you understand the micro card interactions. Go check out my video for a pro guide using this deck featuring Oxalate!

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This guy is your win condition, keep cycling him on their tower and mixing up his placements so it’s harder for your opponent to predict where you’ll be playing him.


Tesla is a great defensive card it can take out minions in a single shot. Just remember tesla goes underground so you need to play it closer to the lane your opponent is pushing to be able to kill their units.


Try to get the most value possible out of this card. If you can play it to damage their tower while takin out a card they’ve played then go ahead! All chip damage is important while running this deck.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try figure out what they’re playing try to build up on positive elixir trades. Just react to what your opponent is doing and most of the time you’ll have a small counter push which will get you chip damage on their tower. Feel free to send in your miner on their tower to tank for your small units on your counter push to get the maximum tower damage. Keep up the aggression with your miner it’ll force your opponent to react and allow you to defend their counter push, then push again with your remaining troops. Playing miner posion together is a big commitment unless you’re certain they’re going to give to value.

Late Stage Gameplan

Now your opponent is going to be able to cycle bigger unit quicker. So it’s imporant to stay aggressive with your deck you can play miner on their tower and bats or goblin gang at the bridge to pressure the opponent. This will help stop them been able to build up a bigger push while getting chip damage on their tower. However this deck cycles extremely quickly so you can perhaps play a card which counters there’s to get chip damage on their tower and then quickly cycle back to it in time for their push. If possible you can pair your miner with prediction logs to get extra tower damage.

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