clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is a extremely strong deck. The executioner paired with Tornado is so strong right now! Always use your posion on the opponents elixir pump, you don’t want to let them get an elixir lead. You have guards, log and executioner to help deal with three musketeers. Try to always protect your executioner to ensure you get the most value out of him possible! Guards are great at helping stop a charging prince, defending graveyard, taking down three musketeers. Your best defending the opponents push with your executioner and keeping him alive and then counter pushing with your hog.

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The best place to drop this card when the opponent is pushing is directly in front of the princess tower, unless their running rocket. You can pair him with Tornado to help shut down bigger pushes.


Try to use this card to help active your king tower to help out with defence through the rest of the game. Tornado can also be used to pull three musketeers into a single lane if the opponent splits them, this makes it easier to defend.

Hog Rider

Hog rider is your win condition for the opponents tower. Play him wisely you can pair him with an ice spirit or prediction log to make it harder for the opponent to defend your pig push.

Ice Golem

This guy is great at kiting units in to the other lane, it’ll help you shut down the opponents win condition then take out their support troops.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you want to figure out what your opponent is playing and what their main win condition is. Make some positive elixir trades, play hog a couple of times to see how your opponent chooses to defend. This help you predict their choice of plays later on in the game. Be careful not to over commit to early, but if the opponent drops a heavy tank then I recommend pushing the opposite lane with your hog. You can put him behind a icegolem to add extra pressure and force your opponent to defend. If the opponent over commits early then defend with your executioner Tornado, drop some smaller units to help slow down the opponents support troops. Once you’ve taken down their push punish them with your hog again.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is almost always the time to play more aggressive unless you choose to play for the draw. Keep up the pressure with your hog rider on the opponents towers, it’ll stop them been able to invest all their elixir into a single push. Make sure if you play your spells you always get tower damage whenever possible. Make sure you cash in when your at an elixir advantage, getting tower damage whenever possible and keeping that pressure on your opponent is going to make you control the game and give you a better chance at winning the matchup.

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